Saturday, August 3, 2013


Last weekend three of us ventured out for a three our tour, what we experienced was the TSUNAMI RIDE of 2013.

Started out like any normal day.

But what happened on the way home had us searching for higher ground as the sky opened up on us like a squirter's vagina and with the humidity and road grime, it was as equally unrefreshing.  We took shelter beneath the highway and waited for it to lighten up, there are no more photos due to the fact that for the next three hours I was unable to release my handle bars as we roared through trenches of water, got lost in Wilmington, and hit road block after road block trying to escape a flooding urban environment.  Like the vikings before us, we powered through these challenges and had to leave one man behind in scenic Marcus Hook due to a snapped clutch cable, only to return later with an escape vehicle to find that he had become one with his surroundings, intigrated himself into their culture and scored a bowl of soup from the local diner.  Good times were had, and laughs will continue on for future generations to tell the tale of...

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