Monday, November 12, 2012

Smoky's 2 Stroker

I've known my man Smokey for about 15 years. I recently saw him coming across my yard on this little jammer. Asked him what he was up to. He said he was going on a beer run, asked me if I needed anything, nodded, and took off back out across the yard like he was in a moto race that no one knew about but him. A couple of minutes later I could still hear this bike screaming down the road. He recently got pulled over for doing over 80 on it while not having a single legal scrap of paper or tin on the bike. They somehow let him go. Hes the guy who sometimes steps in shit but always seems to come out smelling like roses. He was actually held in a foreign brig on suspicion of piracy for reasons unknown. They let him go on that one too but he wasn't allowed back in the country. Hes always turning wrenches on something interesting and is now parting with his bar hopper. Such adventures can also be yours for a price.

$1500 obo, 1971 yamaha R5 350cc twin 2 stroke runs great, can help with delivery/shipping contact him at

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