Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 bikes for sale

 First is my 2009 XR1200.  Stock except for a small luggage rack and passenger back rest.  $7500 obo

Second is my Shovel.  1980 80" motor with matching frame numbers. Fab Kevin hardtail with cast axle plate. Mullins 35mm trees. Warrens spool hub and pegs.  BCM air cleaner. Special 79 DIY sportster tank kit with paint by Danny Daily from the Peanut city geeks.  Bunch of hand made parts.  $12000 obo.

Im selling the shovel cause i would like to start a new project and I like this one to much to tear apart.  I am looking for a running genny shovel so I may entertain trades.  If you have any questions email or call between 9am and 9pm eastern time. 484-680-0746


  1. Shit, I paid 12k for my moderately tidy, almost stock '74 FXE, the price on your stunning creation makes me feel like I was raped . . . if there's any justice in the world you'll get what you're asking no sweat.

  2. what's the story with your trans linkage / mids? looks rad!!

  3. Fingers from Death Science made the mids from stainless. I made the linkage and shifter from stainless also. Had to flip the tab on the trans to clear the oil tank so now it's forward to up shift and kick with your heal to down shift. It's pretty fun once u get used to it

  4. shit... looks great dude. i might hit you up for more info down the road. thanks for the tip