Friday, September 14, 2012

Jersey Shore

Kevin Horton & good old Mel Stultz are putting on a drag race/ show/ beach party jam in Jersey.
Here is some info:

Pre party on the beach the night before race, 8pm-12am Oct 19th, 2012.
Big top tent in the sand, bonfire too.
Live bands to set this race off right!
Booze on beach provided YOURSELF!!! Can's only PLEASE!!!
Plenty of parking for hot rods and bikes.

Race begins at about 10am on October 20th
Pre registration for all race entrees required!!! Email me at,
Pre/post war autos, hop ups, and tank shift motorcycles only!
Non Sanctioned 1/8th mile race between beach jettys in Loch Arbour and Allenhurst NJ...
Entrees will be matched up based on engine cc's and/or engine type eg: 74inchers vs 74 inchers, flathead vs flathead, ford 4 banger vs 4 banger... etc 
Award ceremony with pretty ladies, hand shakes by our two mayors, and flower wreaths.
No outside beer or alcohol permitted on beach on Saturday. Fire company will be providing all of the beer from trucks. No alcohol permitted in pit area please.

On the 20th there will be a parking area for a car and bike show, all cool bikes and pre-1960 cars are welcome.

Dig it...

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