Monday, September 3, 2012

East Coat Steve's Fitness Retreat!

This weekend Steve invited us down to his place for some good food, good fun, and a appreciation of physical fitness.  We enjoyed an awsome day of 12oz curls, aquatic child tossing, and cardio bicycle workouts.  We rejuvenated our bodies with a yeast infused,high calorie,low cost liquid fast, and finished it of with a "protein colon blast" meal that consisted of hamburgers, sausage, hot dogs, and bbq chicken.  I came home feeling like a new man, as you can see here Q is enjoying a nice cardiovascular workout on one of the bikes.  Notice the filtered ventilation device for proper breathing and the under inflated tires to provide the proper resistance to maintain those strong thighs and help them stomach muscles grow.
Thanks Steve, good times brother

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