Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hitting the Road

bikes... check
tools... check
bail money... check
bath salts... check

In a little over 24 hours me and 4 of my oldest and closest brothers on the planet are going to take the next week to get out to Born Free. I'm turning 40 this year and between these 4 friends there is about 100 years of time that has gone by since we've known each other. Since we've become family we all get along like its us against the world if need be and we can count on each other for anything. I don't know if you have done something like this, but if not, it's hard to describe the anticipation.

We have no real plan of attack or exact route except to keep heading west, forget about the bullshit stress of everyday life for a while, have a good time and find a place to camp along the way as needed. We have with us a van that Mike D scored for $1 that doesn't have any rear windows while we are going across the south in the middle of the summer during a bit of a heat wave. It will most likely stink back there before we even cross the county line and the bikes will probably be on the road every chance possible just to escape the smell of it. Our crew is pretty stacked with a union welder, motorcycle mechanic, auto mechanic, machinist, airplane mechanic and... myself. I'm no dummy. I just hope no one gets hurt, lost or arrested. I'm sure it will all go as smooth as a greased baby's ass. I mean what could really go wrong...

PACA bitches


  1. I hope you and your brothers have a safe trip and a wicked time, go get your collective freak on !!!

  2. Leaving tomorrow as well from Detroit....have a helluva good ride. See you out there!

  3. Have a good trip man, it'll bring you probably more fun than you bargained for, right! And in the end if it all went very smoothly, I think you did it wrong...

  4. Good luck with the bath salts, just don't chew anyones face off................

  5. fuck that, chew them faces. good luck men.