Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've Been Cheating On My Wife

For the past five months I have been leaving my home to spend my evenings at a friend's house with this blue-eyed, brown hair, long, slim sex machine. I met her back in October in a back yard in Folcroft. She wasn't much to look at when we first met and she was dressed like a cheesy 80's MTV VJ. I'm talking the same 1980's that convinced ZZ Top to wrap their guitars in fur, and had white men everywhere runnin around wearing one white glove. But I saw her inner beauty for what she was and after a few months of stripping her down, touching and rubbing her in all the right places, and even bringin in few of my friends to help straighten her out, she has bloomed into a 1970's big bush porn star ready to be ridden. Meet "The Duchess."


  1. The Duchess is now a Dirtwater Fox, yee ha !!! Hope it's not too late to save the marriage . . .

  2. oohhh poor wife... Hope you will work more for your marriage and if it is okey to your wife she can meet Duchess too.. :D

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