Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AMF'R Sticker Pack

After they sold out pretty fast the first couple of times they were around, and after enough people kept asking... they are back. Now with fancy glitter. I still get real stoked when I see one of our stickers on something. It may be a cheap little thing to some people, but it's a huge sign of respect and support, and still always cool to me.

If you want any, here's the deal. 5 stickers for $5 with shipping included. It will have 3 AMF'R stickers and 1 random FOTS & Show Class sticker.

There aren't many around so get em before they're gone. Maybe for good this time.

Thanks as always to Rightquick Chris Martin for making some real cool stuff for us.


  1. Hey send some my way fingers 9735 vermont hill rd holland ny 14080
    big love

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  3. Apparently the site is fucked up again. Big surprise. Im not far off from putting the whole thing on ebay and being done with it. Fucking technology sucks.

  4. Site should be all fixed up...