Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last Chance for Romance

Master Bates Seat is still up for sale for another 2 days until the end of the month, then the rent is due and it's gotta go.

Click HERE for details...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My man Bobby up in Brooklyn is looking for an early 4 speed trans for his pan.If you have one your looking to let go or trade up leave your contact info and I'll put him in touch.Thanks.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've Been Cheating On My Wife

For the past five months I have been leaving my home to spend my evenings at a friend's house with this blue-eyed, brown hair, long, slim sex machine. I met her back in October in a back yard in Folcroft. She wasn't much to look at when we first met and she was dressed like a cheesy 80's MTV VJ. I'm talking the same 1980's that convinced ZZ Top to wrap their guitars in fur, and had white men everywhere runnin around wearing one white glove. But I saw her inner beauty for what she was and after a few months of stripping her down, touching and rubbing her in all the right places, and even bringin in few of my friends to help straighten her out, she has bloomed into a 1970's big bush porn star ready to be ridden. Meet "The Duchess."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Swappin

Made out pretty good at the Harrisburg swap. Brand new polished super E was the deal of the day.

Anybody see raked trees like this before? Guy I got em from said they were for Triumphs. The diameter of the holes in the lower tree measures 33mm

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shoveling out!

Riding season is here for sure!  Hope to have the Silver bullet ready to roll soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Triumph Scrambler For Sale / Trade

Hate to do it but I gotta part with my scram. Taking a trip out to yellowstone this summer and my wife wants to come along. We cant both fit on the scram with all the gear so I'm selling / trading it.

Details. 2006. YSS adjustable rear suspension. Hyperpro progressive front springs, Conti TKC80 tires. Thunderbike pipes. Stripped down a bit but have all the stock shit. 25k miles, all put on by me. Maintained better than factory specs. Just serviced. Rode this bike everyday for a couple years, rode it cross country, rode it in the pines. Most fun & universal bike you'll ever find.

Asking $5500. Clear NJ title. Will trade for a HD touring bike + some bux if need be. Would love a stockish FLH shovel. bags/tour pack a bonus. Stock pogo/buddy seat would be cool too. No projects. Looking for a nice reliable runner. Looks not a big deal, as long as it goes, stops and turns reliably.

email me -

Saturday, March 17, 2012

13 hours in the truck

Me and The Brain headed south bright and early this morning to pick up my tank and search for Virginia parts stashes. Came up empty on the parts but I could not be happier with the way my tank turned out. Painted by Mr. Danny D of Peanut City Geeks fame.

Thanks again Danny I love it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Proper Pocket Knife Care and Safety

Notice the proper positioning of the finger tips to avoid contact with the sander. Also notice the use of the "safety squint." By actually closing your eyes while using the sander you can protect them from small metal shavings or perhaps even the entire knife. Next week we will discuss drill press safety and how you can avoid an accident by actually removing the switch and letting it dangle by its wires.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our friend Buzzkiller went and took matters into his own hands and had a one off tee made. Our best to him and his family with relocating soon to a warmer place. His address for tits, ass & the occasional motorcycle on the web will remain the same though.

See you down the road.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Are usually made over several beers,gonna be a good summer.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Devil Makes 3

One of my old timey favorite bands are coming to the Note in West Chester on Sunday the 18th.

Dust off your toe tappin boots.

Bates Seat for Sale

Will Trade for Cash. Measures 11" wide by 13" long. In solid shape with some normal signs of wear from the road. Details below... 

Fuck the rich & filthy fat stiffs at ebay. I'm selling this beaut right here to one of our supporters even if it goes for less. Leave your comment with the price you'd pay and your email address. On the last day of the month I will contact the person with the highest price. If they don't take it I will go on to the next guy and so on. Price will include shipping in the USA. Email me with any questions. Thanks, Clarke

Land Pirates Revenge Run

Brother Tim and the Death Science guys put on a hell of a trip. April 20th is less than 6 weeks away. More info and tickets for the ferry at When was the last time you had your motorcycle on a boat for shits sake.

Wispers were heard that some of the Philly guys might actually make it down for this one. Good times...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

AMF'R Sticker Pack

After they sold out pretty fast the first couple of times they were around, and after enough people kept asking... they are back. Now with fancy glitter. I still get real stoked when I see one of our stickers on something. It may be a cheap little thing to some people, but it's a huge sign of respect and support, and still always cool to me.

If you want any, here's the deal. 5 stickers for $5 with shipping included. It will have 3 AMF'R stickers and 1 random FOTS & Show Class sticker.

There aren't many around so get em before they're gone. Maybe for good this time.

Thanks as always to Rightquick Chris Martin for making some real cool stuff for us.

Super Swap Sunday

March 25th... Hands down, this is the best swap around.

Early Bird deal at the back door for a couple extra bucks.

See you there


Today was my youngest psychopaths birthday.  Super A.D.D and  A.D.H.D  all wrapped up in one 10 year old package. Happy birthday son! I love you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Got an email from 'Hot Mom' Rob today with a link to this spot called Le Container.

This guy has an impressive eye for some amazing style from bikes, to cars, to girls, design, architecture, and other fine and fancy high class artsy images... and junk like this...

that was a real good day... almost makes me miss it