Monday, February 6, 2012


Well, Me and Chopper Mike Mcellwee took a little trip this weekend and headed out to Oakland. That's right Oakland .....New Jersey, sorry for the let down.  I wish I could tell you a story about Me and Mike  diving around the countryside and spotted this beauty peeking out behind an old washer and dryer, But I regress. I found it the old fashioned way.  EBAY!  With a buy it now option! I could not resist ,overwhelmed with desire and wonder lust, one single click of my mouse and I had become the new owner of a completely chromed out 1979 FXR.  Upon arrival in Oakland we were greeted buy "Buy it now" Glenn and his buddy 5Q, Don't ask because I sure didn't. Two old bikers from the hills of Oakland, crazy right? He promised me a running bike, which did fire momentarily until the primary belt decided to take another direction.  The story I got was a former show bike called "FOOL'S GOLD"  I can't for the life of me figure out where that name came from, There isn't any gold on the thing. Again, don't ask I didn't. Then it sat for several years until Glenn's possession.  I was still in love, paid "Buy it now"Glenn and drug her home. The frame and front end are completely chrome plated as is the entire transmission. As for the engine, it appears to be stroked out and full of S&S goodies. Maybe that's where the GOLD is or I'm the FOOL for buying it. I'm going to take the ugly out of her and have it ready to tear up the streets of Philly this summer.

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  1. I really hope you know that isn't a FXR!