Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moon Man & Chicken Foot

Clarke: Hey Moon, what's up with the chicken foot hanging from your handlebars?

Moon: It's my new speedo.

Clarke: Huh?

Moon: I've gotten too many speeding tickets from the cops around here because my speedo is broken and I ride faster than I realize.

Clarke: Ok, but what's up with the fuckin chicken foot?

Moon: Well when I feel the chicken foot scratching my arm from the wind, I know I'm doing about 45 mph... like I said, it's my new speedo. Haven't gotten a ticket since I installed it.

Clarke: Fair enough.

1 comment:

  1. That is the best recycled, dead animal parts helper I've seen in years, thanks for the tip. One could utilise the remaining 98% of the chook as a temporary fuel guage . . . tie it by severed leg to a length of twine, attatch to side of bike with chook resting on the ground, fill tank, commence ride, when chooks body has worn down to the nub on twine, travelling at a steady, non foot scratching speed of course, you'll know you're nearly out of gas.