Monday, January 23, 2012

So, how long have you been a bad ass? whole life

So after reading Steve's post I was all fired up over the useless youth of today. Later on, I stumbled over some old baby pics of me and the old man when it occured to me why the youth of today is clueless in the face of challenge, unsure of identity, and somewhat fearful of reality.

I was four when I rode my first motorcycle and it wasn't a fucking video game. We dumped that bike that day and I ended up in the hospital. We were born in a time when you didn't need a five point race harness to put your child in a car. I was back on the bike in days with my pop and I haven't stopped riding since.

I was four when I shot my first rifle and learned how to handle one properly, again, it wasn't on a fucking video game either. It was real deal shit with real consequences. Kids today get to "play" around, and no one gets hurt. There are no consequences--- just hit reset. Now that can't be too much fun, no wonder they're all on meds to get through the day.


  1. Hits the nail right on the head, responsiblity for your actions, don't fuck up then blame anyone but yourself. Little kids need to eat more dirt and get themselves hurt the old fashioned way and parents need to harden the fuck up. Love it when you guys get all philosophical . . . giddy up !!!

  2. I don't mean to sound like a rude fuck and i agree with part of what your saying. In my neck of the woods you never see kids out playing cricket in the street anymore(Australia) but as for getting on the moto or the shooting at an early age, that's sort of up to the parent. Possibly the modern parent doesn't have time to take the kid out as much these days. which sucks. I say bring the kids to the chop show, make it a family event. I know i would have enjoyed it.

  3. born in 85 with parents from the late 40's i was lucky enough to have a dad with a similiar mentality, one that i will certainly pass on to my kids. great write up! Although im on the internet way too much, all motorcycle, car and fabrication related, I don't watch tv at all, Tv and video games are killing society. I used to hate my parents cause we didn't have cable. Now I praise them for it. The tv was never on for family dinner unless there was a motocross race on when we finally did have cable. I dont think most families even know what a family dinner is theese days...

  4. Fuck yes. I grew up the same way, had a .22 when I was 5. Rode my go cart every where. When I fell and got hurt my old man would tell me to walk it off. Kids are fucked these days, no one goes outside, no one wants to get picked last. It's all bullshit.