Saturday, January 21, 2012


 Well, I usually like to keep things motorcycle or more so chopper related but this morning I woke up to the sound of scraping shovels and about 2-3" of snow.  I often start my Saturdays off by hitting the garage early, but not today. Snow removal was first on the list because I have to push out all of the motorcycles in order to gain room to work in the shop. Bundle up grab my snow removal weapon and hit it.
  I head out front only to see some young kids playing and only one other guy out there busting his hump like me. Only the other guy was knocking door to door trying to make some cash. He was a middle aged Black gentleman fairly well groomed and polite. Only to be greeted with closed doors and ignorance. I don't know if I look at things too hard anymore but, my block is loaded with teenage kids and young adults who are more than capable of shoveling snow or helping out by assisting the elderly with their snow. I don't get it. What happened to the youth of today? If you think about it for just a second, Its really disturbing.
  I don't know where I am going with this but, back to the black guy. He finally landed a job shoveling snow for my neighbor, who by the way is younger than me but I guess to Lazy to shovel himself. The snow was pretty heavy I know from first hand experience. After he was done the neighbor came out and started breaking this guys hump. Basically "you missed a spot". Wow! needless to say I was floored. Totally felt bad for the guy. I don't know him from Adam but, he showed a quality that many people of this generation don't posses. Hard work ethic and the willingness to do any job no matter how small or for lesser of a word demeaning.
   I can kind of imaging the youth of the block looking out there windows and saying "I'm not doing that,That guy is crazy!" I really don't think I'm that far off.  I walked across the street and handed the man 5 bucks. I told him" I totally admire you for what you are doing", and asked him his name. He said "Jonathan" He was super thankful. I said "have a great day" and we went our own ways. No moral to the story or rhyme or reason. Maybe the older I get the more tuned in you become to your environment.  What was Jonathan working so hard for?  Drugs maybe? or maybe he is behind on some bills or had to put food on the table for his family. 
 The world is a cruel place for some, Others don't know how good they really have it.  I'm not saying go give all your money to the needy or help out every one in despair, Reach out every once and a while, whether friend, family or total stranger. My hat goes off to Jonathan, maybe his hard work will go to good use,and maybe he will return the gift of kindness to someone else.


  1. Hey,Live in NY samething 47 yrsold and bitching myself today on how lazy people in genral are(Not Everyone I know)But the younger ones who think it all should be done and given to them.Have a great weekend. Brian

  2. the people on your block should get fucked...I had a black feller come up and lay a pitch on my for some cleaning solvent. The money went to help out urban youth stay outta the bullshit that plagues them everyday...I had him come into my garage to do his demonstration and he was stoked on my chops and old iron...and his shit cleaned up the oil stained floor...I bought a bottle

  3. Well Said Man ! well said ! we all bleed the same ...we all die alone !..

  4. Right on, My ole man taught me that if you don't work, you don't eat. There is no shame in an honest days work, no matter what it is. Punk kids these days have a lot to learn about life.............