Monday, January 23, 2012

Dealship Jam

I know what you're thinking. A show at a dealership... I know what to expect and I'll pass.

Well not so fast Sally. I myself am not exactly sure what to expect being their first show like this, but I know the guys putting it on and they are a down as the day is long. They're trying to mix it up a bit and do things that you wont find in the new catalog of stock factory clones. Pre-Evo chopper award? Bobber and Cafe? What kind of dealership in their right mind puts time and energy into this type of stuff instead of trying to pick your pockets to fill the register? This kind...

These guys must be a bit questionable, they were way more that cool with supporting our sleezy deal.

And I will personally give a free copy of Issue 5 of Show Class for anyone that talks Tracy into arm wrestling and doesn't lose right away. Wilmington John is disqualified though due to exceeding normal size limitations.