Monday, February 28, 2011

New Sexier Prices

Worked all day on in the store fixing the inventory and cutting back prices on a bunch of stuff. Gotta make some room for some new goodies to be in soon. Thanks to Mike D for stopping by and lending a hand.

Thanks also to anyone who has tucked even a dirty dollar in our pants or shown support in the past. It means a ton to us and I hope this helps and makes a little difference, cause im sure you all have more important things to throw your money at.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fill er up

We need some period correct gas stations.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Round Up

if you're in the area, don't miss this. these guys are some hopped up good time level 10 shit. but you may want to get a tetanus shot first just in case, and don't get too close to anything combustible, cause it will go off

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


the brain shot this pic of my current project at mike47s unfinished bike show last weekend. been working on this thing for about 3 years. it started as a sketch, then i drew in in CAD & i worked on dialing in my vision of it in my head. since then ive worked a second job and taken all the side jobs i can get my hands on to afford to build up my workshop. each step forward, if i needed another machine or tool, i would just stop working on the bike & work my ass off to buy whatever i needed next, then would continue on with the bike. hence the 3 years thing.

ive been really making a lot of progress lately and truely feel that awesome vibe when the bike seems to be telling me exactly how it wants to be. the beginnings a new chopper soul. ive been keeping this thing under wraps most of the time because there seems to be a lot of uninspired & uncreative people out there just scouring the net for ideas to copy, but its time i share it with my true friends. im stoked that i got to show it to a lot of good friends over the weekend & made sure they all sat on it. i think that helps a new build get its soul too. seeing friends sit on it & smile is a trip.

im hoping to finish it up within the next few months, at least in raw form, so i can put some shakedown miles on it and make any tweaks needed without worrying about getting paint or chrome redone. it will be torn down after that for the full shiny treatment.

Uncle Mike aka - psycho

my uncle mike was definitely one of my influences regarding motorcycles growing up. all of my uncles actually played a big part in exposing me to bikes when i was little, but my uncle mike may have been in the most crashes and in the most trouble out of all of them, well maybe next to my uncle steve. maybe they had some sibling rivalry to see who could crash or get caught by the cops more often.

i recently asked him if he'd be willing to share some of his crazier riding stories & he seemed pretty stoked to do so.

here are a couple i got out of him so far...

when we were talking about keeping our bikes in our apartments...

"I lived in an upstairs apartment and drove mine up the steps,1972 TS650A Yamaha,kept it in my living room on cardboard.getting out was a blast though,hit the door frame once with the handle bars and landed on the sidewalk with the bike on top of me.after that always did it real slow.Tore up the carpet though and hammerd down conveyor belt from work on steps. Tiffany Green apt.Williamstown.1982"

"Oh I got some stories,I had a race witha tractor trailer trying to go around the airport circle.I was coming around from Rt130 I saw him coming but thought I could beet him so I gunned it.Well I hit him between the tires where the trailer s...its.It flliped me in the air and I rolled along the trailer and landed on my feet in the moddle of traffic.Looking around so i wouldn't get hit.The Bike went under the tires anf flipped out and landed on the sissy bar flattening it to the seat.I drug it off the road and dumped out the gass.The truck driver pulled over and asked if i was alright.I didn't have a scratch.I ask him to put the bike on the trailer and a cop came by.i didn't have insurance so i took off.Three days later the cops came to my work and gave me 9 tickets.And wanted to look me over and couldn't beleive I didn't get hurt at all.Yea I took the tag off but they found me thru the cearel # on the frame and thru motor vehicle..Later I'll tell you about the head-on I'll like that one also."

hopefully i can drag some more stories & pics out of him. i know he's got plenty. i witnessed a couple club parties he had at my uncle franks house. when i was a little kid i used to get a kick out of racing the dudes around the home made dirt track at my uncle franks. i either had access to mini bikes or go carts & they would generally start out with some beater street bike that was laying around and of course as the beers started flowing, guys would take their own bikes out there & crash em up.

here is a shot of me reliving my childhood on my triumph down at uncle franks flat track this past summer.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Its the little things

Four hours in front of the polishing wheels yesterday paid off big time. These were the tumbled finish when I got them. I looked like a coal miner when I was finally done....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

broken back

second year in a row i broke the backbone completely through

guess somethings gotta give after 64 years on the road

i blame both times on the bronx queens expressway from hell

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bronson's Death Science Swag

Went to Baltimore on Saturday and had a blast. It was great to see everyone and daydream of the warm days to come. DS Tim, a jack of all trades, hooked me up with this collar he made for my four legged friend. Ox blood, its a lot darker in person, looks like its gonna wear awesome. Hit him up if you are looking for something like this

Shovel Progress

Not too much worth taking photos of lately. A lot of cleaning and degreasing. I did pick up this spool from Warren at JR's cycle products. Quality made in the USA. I took these two pics before the bearings were pressed in.

Bro Zito sent me this pic tonight. He's slaving away to get my wheels done. Can't wait.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This weekend we headed down to Maryland for the Timoniom motorcycle show and swap meet.It was good to hang with all the crews from DS,Lowside,and Cut Rate.Bikes,booze,Jay in his underwear and some other slightly homoerotic activity sums up the weekend.The Sons were out in full force and all the members from the tri-state area were flying their colors.To counter this make believe motorcycle club I'm throwing my support behind the baddest make believe club.Badass chops,greasy denim cuts and clown wigs,on a never ending search for Philo Beddo and his goddamned ape.All hail president Chola.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends of the Ride to Skate

Thats a good looking heap of top notch support right there

huge thanks to everyone involved in making this happen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what the fuck?

Deathhead Chris, Hated of the World

Vultan, Prince of the Hawkmen

gettin the itch

spending time in the garage with good friends and jay's free beer is cool too but its just not gonna cut it for much longer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Alive

The freaking Freak Out The Squares site is freakin back the freak up and freakin running.

Thanks for your patience and support. It means the freakin world.

Friday, February 4, 2011

banner art contest

Going to put up a new banner for the FOTS store, if it ever comes back from the dead. If anyone wants to send in a submission, email it to fotsclarke@gmail. Should be about the proportions of the one below. Want to try to have it by Valentine's day and to show our love we will send you a couple tees for the effort.

macho grassy ass

holy crap

if youre only going to make it to 2 shows this year, make this the other one...

check out the ride to skate blog for more details.

it's sizing up to be a fuckin doosie.

sponsor flyer to come next...


Thanks to everyone for the kind words, support and helpful advice. We think we have a plan. The problem was, a combination of it being viewed so many times and the amount of stuff that had to load each time it was viewed. The products, links, news and all the "plug ins" that take the page forever to load are going to have to be minimized. So it should actually work better for everyone once we get it back up and running. My man Jutt is going to have it redirect to the blog until he can overhaul the site a bit on the back end of things. The worst part was that the company wouldnt and still wont even let us on to the site to make it easy to work on. And they were no help to try to figure out what had to be done to make it work and still be affordable. We still have to pay a bit more, even though the bandwidth we paid for was "unlimited" and the disc space we had on the server was more than enough. I dont get it either.

The options now are to either:
1. Pay a whole lot more money, and thanks so much but I dont want to be a drain on anyone. So fuck that.
2. To lose the company links. Fuck that one too. Supporting the guys that support us means too much.
3. To only show a couple of the new products. May affect sales, but the shit will be there if you go looking for it.
4. To pack up and shut down. Well fuck that with your mothers dick. Not on my watch.

Thanks again a shit load to everyone for the help, support and this past year. Good to know if it came down to it, there are a bunch of people that wouldnt let this go down without a fight. Don't know if you know how that feels, but its pretty magical, in the pants.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sorry & Thanks

So the FOTS shop site went down today. Reason: too much action. Was on the phone with the hosting company for over over an hour after work tonight. The said "for the level of the hosting I am paying for the site is wreaking havoc on the shared server." I told they guy, that's what we do, show up, make a mess, maybe accidentally break a few things and jam stuff up for other people.

So it was a year ago this past weekend that the site launched. About 300,000 visits later the thing takes a dump with no warning at all. No call, no email, nothing. They told me, take a guess... I need to give them more money. About 3000% more. How convenient for them. Feed the machine or die. I just paid for another year with unlimited bandwidth about 2 months ago. The flow was about the same then as it is now.

Things have been going well and growing nicely but the sad part is, sales just don't support that kind of expense and I've had the hardest year financially of my life. Didn't get into this to get rich but I cant let it make me go any more broke. Already sold the pan to keep a roof over our head and to give the kid a solid Christmas. Not really sure whats going to happen. But that's what's happening. David and Goliath type shit. I am working on options and doing what I can.

Thanks to everyone for a pretty amazing year. The friends I've made and things I've been a part of will last a lifetime.