Friday, December 2, 2011

devil child

So my 9 year old kid had a project to do for school. She had to pick an animal and make either a poster about it that spoke for itself or make a 3d model and do a presentation. She picked the Tasmanian devil and wanted to make one and talk about it. I was stoked on both of her decisions, I hate public speaking and am real glad she didn't inherit that trait from me.

Some fur, styrofoam, sticks, clay and hot glue later this is what we made, together. She did most of the work but I was just the hired muscle to do the cutting and work the hot glue gun, which burns like hell by the way. It was real cool that she wanted to create something and I could share this with my kid. Doesn't really look exactly like one but who cares.

We got an A

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