Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spritz By Fritz

Custom car an motorcycle builder Fritz Schenck. I have been following fritz's work for several years. He is a living legend of the New York chopper seen of the 90's. Long before the Internet, Fritz and the rest of the crew from Psycho Cycles, Steg Von Heintz ,Indian Larry and Paul Cox were knocking out Hardcore choppers. Fritz Painted Larry's custom STD Panhead called Voodoo Chili, which graced the cover of Iron Horse magazine #146.
This is the bike that really kicked things into gear for me, you can really tell the influence of this bike on my own shovelhead chopper.  Any way, Larry had some issues with this bike, tore it apart, discarded the beautifully moulded and purple metalflaked frame and gas tank and went on to build the second version of the bike, the more well known Grease Monkey.  The frame and tank hung on the wall in the back of Larrys shop for several years.  Larry passed, shops closed and reopened, I lost track of the frame until the other day.  One of Larry's closest friends has given the frame and tank back to Fritz, to restore the paint back to its original glory!  I feel so much better now!   Fritz is truly incredible,  PLEASE!  check out his website and Blog for updates.   Oh yeah, one more thing   Fritz also has dvd's on custom painting and body work which guide you through all the custom paint tricks!

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