Sunday, July 31, 2011


after many hours of hard work in the lab...

amf'r stickers are now available in the freakin shop

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bikes at strange days

Strange Days

Rode up to north jersey for strange days.The brain is now an expert on high speed blowouts.Carl's bike is really fast.Jenkin's ariel passed the test.Gus can hotwire his bike,Clark can fall asleep anywhere,Chad's a funny motherfucker.The heat was killer and my skin was redder than the devil's dick.Great ride with cool people,the guys that put on the event were killer,hope they do it again next year.Awesome giveaways,and I met alot of rad people,after all thats what it's all about.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slow days

No real moto stuff goin on for me lately, just ridin back and forth to work. Here's an xray Ducati from the Franklin Institute, kinda cool

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shovel Love

The shovel never lets me down.To show my love I went and saw my friend Damian and got her inked on me.To show me her appreciation she blasted to Latrobe and back without a hiccup.Check out High Rollers tattoo in West Chester if your looking for any work to be done.

Road Trip

Went for a ride out to Latrobe to go see an old friend.The shovel was purring the whole ride out and back,clear skies,open roads,and mountain views.Partied down friday night and had at it again saturday.Played beer pong with mexican roofers,only one spoke any english.One guy got so drunk he pissed his pants.Whenever I hang with Scotty something unusual happens.You can't make this shit up.Heading to strange days this weekend and do it all over.See you there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

trail of the dead

old careers, vermin, while we're on the topic of dead shit... i was driving home tonight on a normally busy route and i noticed down the road a bit what looked like a squirrel having a meth fit. i slowed down enough to notice that it was actually a little furry bunny, the squirrels less rat like more acceptable cousin. this thing about the size of the sandwich i had for lunch and was flippin and floppin and twitchin around havin a good old time right in the middle of the damn road. i looked behind me, put on my hazard lights and got out. my thought was, if the wounded beast had a fighting chance in hell it would be better off in the grass than under someones tire. i grabbed its back legs and as i was giving it the old heave ho, i don't think it was into the idea because it had another fit and slipped right out of my hand, mid swing, which propelled it about 6 feet through the air... straight into the corner of the curb... head first. and all of a sudden it wasn't so energetic. i noticed it was pretty banged up on one side. so now im starting to kinda feel bad. whats a man to do? leave it suffer? naaa. i turned it busted side down, as to not funk up my boots, put my foot on its head, as to gently hold it, not brutally crush it, and I grabbed a hold if its not so lucky rear rabbits feet and started to gently pull... until I applied about as much pressure as it takes to open a beer can... and then pop. no more pain, no more roadway dance party. i was getting back in the truck and noticed a guy in a fuel economic car at the cross street watching the kill easter show as he shook his head from side to side, not sure if he was mourning or showing disapproval. fuck man, if im ever in that bad of shape and someone finds me, you can first try to throw me, and then pull my head out. for the record.

oh jay, sorry, i didn't keep it, it was oozing face juice and i didn't have a bag, 1 more new rule, always carry a bag.

New Direction

Sorry I've been missing for so long folks. Real long story short - lost my mind, found my mind. Left the coroporate life (again), hopefully for good this time. I do not belong in a cubicle. no matter how many years I've tried to convince myself that it's fine, it just aint me man. My passion for bikes has taught me many skills, introduced me to a lot of amazing people & taken me to places all over the country. Now I'm giving it a go as my livelihood. My choices were, fucking hang myself, or give it a shot... pretty obvious decision.

to my friends reading this shit - dont waste time being miserable. life is too short. spend time with the folks you love, doing the things you love & hopefully you'll find peace of mind.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

do this

support Heavy and the Twin City freak out

looking for

used springer rockers

somthing like this, not the oem style. they dont need to be this pretty but having the hardware would be a help. email me at fotsclarke@gmail

Kyle's Trump

Kyle's selling his sweet triumph,asking 6,ooo or possible trades.If your a ugly dude this bike will help you get laid.6k ain't bad considering all the weekends you"ll spend getting wildly fucked by teenage girls.If interested hit him up at or the death science blog.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Saw this little beauty hiding in the back of a car show some time back.Glory.