Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Van Art

Poon: "Hey Clarke!" (notice the excitement) "How are ya and the Show Class project?"

Clarke: "It's gonna either be awesome or totally aweful, in which case it will be really awesome."

Poon: "Check it out, my students at Diamond Bar High School are in this Vans Competition." (see their shoes attached)

Clarke: "That's rad. Can they make me a pair that look like bare feet, or some of bear feet would be cool too. Or some Vans that look like a 70's van with a wizard and a moon bubble window?"

Poon: "Anyway... go to www.vans.com/customculture.com the kids need all the help they can to win,
so spread the word/love/votes if you can."

Clarke: "Anything for you sugar slacks, you're already a winner to me."

Poon: "Thank you."

Clarke: "You're welcome."

(half of this conversation never happened)

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