Saturday, May 14, 2011

times they are a changin

"Hey man I just found this old chopper mag in my dads stash. Things looked a little different back then for sure. People seemed more concerned with doing their own thing and just having fun. Like when guys would ride around on their hacked up freedom machines and not give a fuck. Looking through this old mag just made me wish I was around for it when it was actually happening. Before they made you have the silencer exhaust, solo seat belts, dashboard airbag, and turn signals on your helmet. We should build some bikes like that, I think my friends cousin is selling a beat up West Eagle seat for like only 4 grand. Oh wait, we can't do that anymore, it's illegal and all of the old American motors have been shipped out to other countries when the air went green. Fuck it, let's just go watch smellavision and smoke some moon dust" -Hunter S. Lind 2069, great grandson of Tim "Orgy Lord" Lind, founder of the University of Death Science Online School and the PreEvo Preservation Society, and apparently a smut peddler.

Get one before they're history and give your descendants something to find and remember you by after they embalm you with helium and shoot your ass into space. Cause it's gonna happen.

I actually have no idea what i'm talking about besides that the Show Class Store is officially open for business.

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