Tuesday, April 26, 2011

even the score

me and the kid were driving down the pike the other day in the family go getter. i looked over and saw joe 'old lightning' my grey beard friend and his old lady at what looked like an accident. i parked and walked over to see if there was anything i could do to help. his buddy was sitting at a light and the dizzy kook solwing down wasnt paying attention and popped right into the pack of his bike. somehow the bumper went between his tire and fender and his plate and bracket were locking the two of them together quite impressivly. he was fine, but the now carcycle needed some help to part from one another. after she didnt want to get out of the car and was only talking through a slit in the partly opened window, johny law rolled up to protect and serve. 4 of us held the wounded softail and the cop put the thing in reverse and slowly a couple things started to happen. the bumper lost the tug of war, it hit the street along with several other overseas plastic parts, the girl started to cry and 4 grown men started to try not to giggle. the front end of the car was destroyed and after popping the turn signal lens back on and muscling the plate and bracket, the bike looked like almost nothing happened. it was pretty unbelievable. holmes got on his bike and rode off into the wind as she sat and waited for a tow truck. her bill is gonna be heafty for sure. lesson hopefully learned but probably not. the score that day was bike 1, car 0 = win

i didnt have my camera or phone so heres a skin shot