Friday, February 4, 2011


Thanks to everyone for the kind words, support and helpful advice. We think we have a plan. The problem was, a combination of it being viewed so many times and the amount of stuff that had to load each time it was viewed. The products, links, news and all the "plug ins" that take the page forever to load are going to have to be minimized. So it should actually work better for everyone once we get it back up and running. My man Jutt is going to have it redirect to the blog until he can overhaul the site a bit on the back end of things. The worst part was that the company wouldnt and still wont even let us on to the site to make it easy to work on. And they were no help to try to figure out what had to be done to make it work and still be affordable. We still have to pay a bit more, even though the bandwidth we paid for was "unlimited" and the disc space we had on the server was more than enough. I dont get it either.

The options now are to either:
1. Pay a whole lot more money, and thanks so much but I dont want to be a drain on anyone. So fuck that.
2. To lose the company links. Fuck that one too. Supporting the guys that support us means too much.
3. To only show a couple of the new products. May affect sales, but the shit will be there if you go looking for it.
4. To pack up and shut down. Well fuck that with your mothers dick. Not on my watch.

Thanks again a shit load to everyone for the help, support and this past year. Good to know if it came down to it, there are a bunch of people that wouldnt let this go down without a fight. Don't know if you know how that feels, but its pretty magical, in the pants.

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  1. YES!!! Thank the CHOPPER GODS!, I was crushed to learn about the site having to close down, internet side of it is bullshit, family/money side is very understandable situation and the obvious choice. Anything a few Sierra Nevada guys can do to help just let us know.