Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uncle Mike aka - psycho

my uncle mike was definitely one of my influences regarding motorcycles growing up. all of my uncles actually played a big part in exposing me to bikes when i was little, but my uncle mike may have been in the most crashes and in the most trouble out of all of them, well maybe next to my uncle steve. maybe they had some sibling rivalry to see who could crash or get caught by the cops more often.

i recently asked him if he'd be willing to share some of his crazier riding stories & he seemed pretty stoked to do so.

here are a couple i got out of him so far...

when we were talking about keeping our bikes in our apartments...

"I lived in an upstairs apartment and drove mine up the steps,1972 TS650A Yamaha,kept it in my living room on cardboard.getting out was a blast though,hit the door frame once with the handle bars and landed on the sidewalk with the bike on top of me.after that always did it real slow.Tore up the carpet though and hammerd down conveyor belt from work on steps. Tiffany Green apt.Williamstown.1982"

"Oh I got some stories,I had a race witha tractor trailer trying to go around the airport circle.I was coming around from Rt130 I saw him coming but thought I could beet him so I gunned it.Well I hit him between the tires where the trailer s...its.It flliped me in the air and I rolled along the trailer and landed on my feet in the moddle of traffic.Looking around so i wouldn't get hit.The Bike went under the tires anf flipped out and landed on the sissy bar flattening it to the seat.I drug it off the road and dumped out the gass.The truck driver pulled over and asked if i was alright.I didn't have a scratch.I ask him to put the bike on the trailer and a cop came by.i didn't have insurance so i took off.Three days later the cops came to my work and gave me 9 tickets.And wanted to look me over and couldn't beleive I didn't get hurt at all.Yea I took the tag off but they found me thru the cearel # on the frame and thru motor vehicle..Later I'll tell you about the head-on I had.you'll like that one also."

hopefully i can drag some more stories & pics out of him. i know he's got plenty. i witnessed a couple club parties he had at my uncle franks house. when i was a little kid i used to get a kick out of racing the dudes around the home made dirt track at my uncle franks. i either had access to mini bikes or go carts & they would generally start out with some beater street bike that was laying around and of course as the beers started flowing, guys would take their own bikes out there & crash em up.

here is a shot of me reliving my childhood on my triumph down at uncle franks flat track this past summer.

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