Tuesday, February 22, 2011


the brain shot this pic of my current project at mike47s unfinished bike show last weekend. been working on this thing for about 3 years. it started as a sketch, then i drew in in CAD & i worked on dialing in my vision of it in my head. since then ive worked a second job and taken all the side jobs i can get my hands on to afford to build up my workshop. each step forward, if i needed another machine or tool, i would just stop working on the bike & work my ass off to buy whatever i needed next, then would continue on with the bike. hence the 3 years thing.

ive been really making a lot of progress lately and truely feel that awesome vibe when the bike seems to be telling me exactly how it wants to be. the beginnings a new chopper soul. ive been keeping this thing under wraps most of the time because there seems to be a lot of uninspired & uncreative people out there just scouring the net for ideas to copy, but its time i share it with my true friends. im stoked that i got to show it to a lot of good friends over the weekend & made sure they all sat on it. i think that helps a new build get its soul too. seeing friends sit on it & smile is a trip.

im hoping to finish it up within the next few months, at least in raw form, so i can put some shakedown miles on it and make any tweaks needed without worrying about getting paint or chrome redone. it will be torn down after that for the full shiny treatment.