Sunday, February 13, 2011


This weekend we headed down to Maryland for the Timoniom motorcycle show and swap meet.It was good to hang with all the crews from DS,Lowside,and Cut Rate.Bikes,booze,Jay in his underwear and some other slightly homoerotic activity sums up the weekend.The Sons were out in full force and all the members from the tri-state area were flying their colors.To counter this make believe motorcycle club I'm throwing my support behind the baddest make believe club.Badass chops,greasy denim cuts and clown wigs,on a never ending search for Philo Beddo and his goddamned ape.All hail president Chola.


  1. I was there and saw that too. Got a good laugh. I can only guess it's like guys who dress up as stormtroopers and go to star wars conventions.

  2. Doo Da Doo Da Doo (my attempt at the music)....All Hail Black Widows. Cromagnum Man

  3. How can you have the Black Widows Pacoima on the east coast? I live in Pacoima!!!!