Monday, January 10, 2011

Makin' shit to make shit.

Been busting my ass in my home shop these days. The snow, plus my newly insulated and heated workspace has me really motivated to keep putting the hours into the bike. Sometimes you need to take a break from the actual project to make tools to help with the task at hand. My boss gave me a sweet 20 ton press a little while back & with a little effort, a press can do many things. I needed to make a ton of consistent bends in some solid round stock, so I decided to give my press some bending abilities. I machined a section of pipe with a small groove for the round stock to sit in, welded in a couple flat steel braces to keep the pipe from caving in, welded that to a long piece of tubing - making a steel lollipop of sorts, then drilled some 1" holes in the big I beam to slide some 1"-.120 wall tubing through & lastly, I cut some huge 1" wide slots up each side of the press to clear any long material while bending. It worked even better than expected! I also have been getting a lot of use out of my TIG. Feeling like I've got steel pretty dialed - still need some aluminum to play with though.