Tuesday, January 11, 2011

get to work

If you're only going to make it to 2 events this year, make this the other one.

The date for the Ride to Skate 5 is officially set. Mark your calendars and put in for the time off now. Friday, May 20th is the preparty in Philly and Saturday May 21st is the 100 mile ride to the event in Baltimore. That's right there is actually a ride involved. We got a couple hefty changes this time around. Instead of it just being a Bro Zito & Freak out the Squares deal, we are in full on cahoots with our brothers from Lowside, Death Science, Hated of the World and Cut Rate. Should be a good'n. More details to come as they unfold.

And would someone at google please install a no homo button on the image search for craps sake. Thank you


  1. Sounds good, already put in for a vacation that week, I know I'm down wit it, try an get the old heads in.......

  2. A east run is definitely in order...

  3. I have some King Dick wrenches, no bullshit

  4. Cailyn's Birthday Extravagansa!!!5/20!!