Monday, January 3, 2011

Dont mean to car up the joint, but some cage's are OK.

I just traded my friend spike my '65 Chrysler for his '55 Pontiac. I've had my big black barge for 10 years. Watching it drive away was like watching my left arm drive away. Totally mental. I'm stoked that a good dude has it and I am also stoked on the new project car. I've already promised myself that I'm not allowed to even put one single wrench on the car until my Ironhead is done. I have always dug the low & slow deal, even though the big block 383 is far from slow - you get the drift. I've been itching for a cage with some street beast potential. Been looking for a 2 door, mid 50s, manual trans car for a bit. Right now, the Pontiac has no motor under the hood but comes with two 287's, two 3 speed manual trans - stock 3 on the tree, and a 4 speed. One of the motors is hopped up and ready to go. After I get it rolling, I want to make it pretty & give it a respectable paint job and interior. Then if I am not old and dead by then, I will probably plop a 389 in there & maybe a steeper limited slip rear. I ride most of the time so having a car that drinks gas like a sorority girl drinks booze isn't such a stupid idea. Coolest part about this 55 is that is shares a lot of shit with a 55 chevy and parts are everywhere for them.

So yeah, bummed about seeing the Chrysler go - stoked about seeing the Pontiac show up. It's all good in the hood. Been kicking ass on the chopper lately too so hopefully that goddamn thing will be done this century afterall.



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  1. you traded your Chrysler to Spike?!?! oh shit, the world really is going to end in 2012.