Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Box of Stoke!

Mullins Trees! This is exactly the kick in the ass I need to get into the garage. The question is, do I put em on the ironhead or the shovel? Thanks again Tim for sellin em to me and to Jason for droppin them off in your travels. You guys are the best.

Monday, November 29, 2010

sell your soul

Got some stuff on the ebay. Check it out. thanks

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Go to this.

If you do, tell M. Jackson we said whats up.

Free Love

We give back...

Free Stuff to show our thanks for an amazing year of support.

Rather than to have a flat out sale of sorts... For every $50 of your hard earned bucks that you drop in the shop we will toss in a tee or cap while supplies last. There is a "Free Love" item in the shop that you can add and choose your size, but be warned, we get to decide what logo. After all, what's the holidays without a little friggin surprise to open.

Thanks again

Monday, November 22, 2010

hoe plant

stick it

somehow the only bone i've ever broken while skating was doing an invert. the board slipped off my feet doing a ho ho and took a nose dive that resulted in smashing 1 small bone in my finger into 4 much smaller pieces. the old bastard that put it back together at about 2 in the morning was way past the normal age of retirement and had the full on shakes. damn digit never had a chance of being restored to its former self. it does have a spot that i can stab with things and not really feel anything though. so that's always nice

space digger

our main man mad max did it again. another new tee available soon

thanks max. you rule. glad we found each other brother

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tank for Trade for Money

JR from Oklahoma scored this doosie of a tank off a '72 CB 750 he just picked up. Anyone interested can contact him at bywuwei@gmail.com for details.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Penis Mightier Than

Got the new album yesterday and gave it a couple listens. Its pretty damn good, different than the other two but still real good. One song sounds like it was written for a Rocky training montage (thats a good thing). They are gonna be in Lancaster on the 2nd, looking forward to it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inner view- Ask the HOTW

So we were thinking it could be cool and a little different to do a dual inner view of sorts. Not sure how or if it would really work out too well... or brothers The Fish and Dr. Deathhead from Hated of the World agreed. Like so many good friends, Joe and Chris have know each other for a long time and been through a lot together. Not too long ago Chris was there to literally help pick up the pieces when Joe had his battle with the slab side of a mini van. Im sure some of you have questions about that night, the days since and random nonsence that we all need to know. I'm sure they also have questions for each other, or not so much questions but a way to put the other one on the spot like only a good old friend can do. It gives me great pleasure to help make that happen... Ladies and Gentleman... Ask the Hated...

Miss FOTS 2010

And the winner is... Number 1 with a bullet...

Thanks to everyone that sent in a photo, everyone else that voted and thanks to the fine gents at Biltwell for supplying the crown.

Abailey... whoever you are... please email me to claim your crap sack.

Holy City Swap

Holy crap. Something going on during the winter months or "riding/cool crap purgatory". Its the Holy City Swap. Bless it's heart. Amen


Got to hang out with Nick and the Haints boys on the Ride for Lightning. Lets just say no one will be invited back to that place anytime soon. Surprised no one had to get taken away in some kind of vehicle with flashing lights. Was a good fuckin time. We talked business for about 30 seconds and decided to make shit happen.

Shirts are available in the shop but we cant promise you will look this good. And neither us and or any of them are responsable if some random she-critter walks up and slaps you in the face while wearing it. First 3 orders for one gets a "Titties and Destroy" beer coozie that we can promise will class up your beverage.

Blog dump should be dumping real soon. Welcome to the family

Monday, November 8, 2010


Got over to the garage yesterday morning. Finally put the bars from Special 79 on, that I won on the Ride for Lightning. I cut 2 3/4" off either end and they are pretty damn comfortable. I look forward to putting some miles on them soon. Probably polish em up in the near future too.


The woman passed the PA safety class last weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to get her out and get some more practice. Well this is the only photo I got cause about two minutes later she dropped it while coming to a stop. These things happen. She is fine and it only broke the clutch lever and toe piece on the shifter. Needless to say we are in the market for something a little lower and lighter.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Stick em up

Our man Chris Martin hooked shit up. The stickers are printed on some heavy duty 3M smooth duct tape like material. Looks like they could hold together some serious shit. I'm going to keep a couple in the tool bag just in case.

chucked in with every order while supplies last

Beauty Pageant

We narrowed it down to the 3 finalists. Now its up to the people to decide. Leave a comment and we will add them up after it dies off. And to show we care about our supporters, we will take everyone that voted and send a free crap sack to one random voter. It's important to vote. I don't, but I hear it's real important. Here you go...

Lady #1: "Heavy Action"

Lady #2: "Born Winner"

Lady #3: "Freakin Lovely"

Thanks to everyone that sent a picture in, some we couldn't use for a variety of reasons, but thanks.

P.S. Would someone get the hat off the bed please, didn't you ever see Drug Store Cowboy? That's a real heavy hex man. I just hope the hex doesn't use the internet and land on me for posting it. Good luck to us all.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chink in the chain

I've been slack. Or i'm just real early for next year. So here is this...

and this.

warms the heart

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AMF'R part 2

Mike D from Born Loser must have been hackin into our system. New limited edition legit patch we are working on at the moment. A few minor tweaks and this will be available to spin some heads just in time for Xmas.

Aw shit, havent been on here in about a week. Might as well go ahead and shoot the wad. Here is the new tee and sticker in the works at the Death Science lab as week speak. Captain classy himself, Harpoon did for us out of the kindness of his heart. We love poon

Inner View- Ask Tim

Meeting up with the guys I now call friends is my favorite part of starting this whole deal. Tim and I had cooked up some half cocked plans from the first conversation and very begining of all of this. He was one of those guys that had the same vibe and ideas just in different forms and with actual motivation. Do what youre into, see what you can get away with, make some friends, memories and shit that we dig and see if anyone else feels the same. If not, fuck it. Do what we want anyway. Death Science is some proof of that. The inner view sections have become one of my favorite things to do on this thing. So... going back to the idea of doing whatever you want... it's pretty much all about me. And if you dont like it... well then its Tim's fault.

Anonymous- 3 things that…
You love? My family, my friends and DONKS
You hate? People who drive in the left lane… you know the passing lane, political correctness, bikers, women’s lib, that we live in a world where ebonics is a word that exists, that nobody ever takes blame when they’re wrong……..
Favorite times? Is it three of each? Favorite times….. shit, I guess it’d be cliché to say that my favorite times are when my kids were born or when I got married and shit like that………. One of my favorite times ever was when we got lost in upstate New York which led to Vander and I traveling from NY to New Mexico straight…. Nothing but strip clubs, Budweisers and aderol……….
Guilty pleasures? Maybe it’s lame or kinda new wave but I don’t really feel guilty about doing shit I dig…. And I’m not embarrassed about the retarded stuff I’m into…… But just to help things move along I guess I’d hate to admit to the world is that I watch the Jersey Shore, I listen to Morrissey and I will watch any Behind the Music….
Future plans? For bikes, DS, my beard? I’ve got way too many plans….. but right off I am building a big-twin trike and by building I am using every friend I can to get help in getting it sorted…. I have some shit in the works with DS that I am stoked on but I can’t really say more right now just in case it doesn’t work out…. Haha…………..

Nick- Would you rather kiss a dude with a beard or kiss a clean shaven critter with a mullet and a Haints shirt? Nick you had me at “Hello”…… you, of course.

OK Kyle- 3 questions...
Why Death Science? Just sorta happened….. not the name… just got lucky with a name that I dig…. But the whole chopper family jam just sorta came together naturally…………. We’ve picked up a few new people here and there but the theme remains the same……….. brotherhood and all guys who “get it.”
One bike for the rest of your life, what would it be? Man, my pan has been really good to me…. And I’ve had it for a bunch of years………… as lame as it sounds my pan would be that bike……….. my lady knows that no matter how tight shit gets I’ll never sell it…………. Maybe not never but it’d be a real crucial day.
How do I get an awesome berd like yours? I’m always banging hot chicks and drinking beers………….

Clarke- When did Kyle get a peek at your berd? All I remember is Kyle coming up behind me and whispering in my ear “breathe deep”………….

Jason- When are you going to get my trike finished? I am gonna ride my trike to Born Free 3……………….. BF3 or bust!
And will you be my legal counsel when we burn the town down and get thrown in jail? You know it brother.

Mike D- Word on the street is that you used to be a lawyer… How did that happen and what caused you to leave that life behind? Guilty……….. it’s a long story that even my buddies don’t seem to be interested in……….. in the end I was miserable and just decided that life was too short to hate so I said “fuck it” and gave it up…. I bagged the job, moved from New York City to NC and started a new life………… witness protection style……..

DS Matt- If you could get one “do over” in life, what would it be? Man, that’s kinda heavy………. I can think of a bunch of shit…….. I kinda feel like if I changed something I’d be in a totally different place so, I guess I’ll take it as it is………. I’m pretty stoked on where I am right now.
Since we’re heterosexual lifemates, and you’re falling apart, can I have the panhead when you expire? As long as Jackie has a rad bike to ride when he turns 16 so he can get all the hot chicks in school then it’s all yours but you know my lady and she’ll probably off it before you even hear about my untimely demise….

Tim W- Does your truck have a panhead built into the bed? Come on man, that shit hurts………….. but, yeah….. and my van has a pan/shovel built into it.

Fingers- What is your best biker scene you were in? I guess every time I’m riding in a pack I always think of scenes from biker movies……….. does that count?
Tighty whities, boxers, or freeball? Boxer-briefs, but you knew that…
Your favorite Fingers story? Not afraid to blow your own horn huh…..? Haha…. In person….. when you first told me that story about tripping balls while you drove around NYC….. that was a good time.
The true chop you wished you own but belongs to some other kat? Man, I’m pretty stoked on my bike…. Probably because I have so many plans and dreams about it……… but if I had to choose a bike to take from a homie it’d have to be Jason’s knuck….. but I’m really stoked for him that he has it…………. That’s a hustlin’ mother fucker….
P.s. you’re still a weirdo.
Matt- Mr. Roper vs. Mr. Furley, Street fight rules, bottles, knives, bricks ok. At first I thought you were asking which one I dug more…………… you’re asking which one would win in a street rumble? I guess I’d have to go with Mr. Furley…. That’s Don Knotts, right? He just seems unpredictable……….. not to mention any man that can wear an ascot and become a cartoon fish deserves mad respect.
Anything new you’re excited about comin out of Death Science soon? Man, we’ve got a ton of ideas…. We just need more time and disposable income………… honestly, the thing I’m most excited about right now is getting my pan re-worked and finished finally.

Clarke- You seem like a do’er… Run down the list of talents or hobbies. Man, I don’t know that I have any talents………… I just don’t know how to say “no” and since I have a good bit of free time I jump in and figure shit out…………. That and I may have a little OCD……….. so I don’t stop till I get it sorted. Hobbies………. You mean shit I’m into? That list would be too long for anyone to care……………… the common theme is bikes…….. But not to avoid the question totally I screen print, do leather work, sew, make buttons, do some art at times, work on bikes, make molds…
What do you do or can you do that we don’t know about? I can identify celebrity voices without seeing their face. And I sew….
What can’t you do that you wish you could? Weld, build a motor, machine…. Fuck I’d give my pinky to be able to blink and know how to weld and fabricate….. it’s the key to taking shit to the next level without having to burden homies with your project….
What do you do for yourself when you don’t have to actually do anything? When I don’t have shit going on I’m always down to drink beers and hang out……….
Who are the people that help get things done at the DS lab, and what do they do? We all work together………. When someone needs something we make it happen. But at the lab most of the time it’s Matt and I……………. Matt makes a lot of the shit move……. He is the one who took my jack-leg resin games to a legit level…. He is a resin/ fiberglass wizard.

Zito- Most epic cycle trip? For sure the Gypsy/ Go Fuck Yourself Run Vander and I took from NY to NM.
Most epic psychedelic trip? Mushrooms at the Low Side jam……… that cover band, I wish I could remember the band’s name, was epic…………. on mushrooms….
First bike? First motorcycle I ever owned was a Ninja 250 and man it was lame as shit……….. first legit bike was an ’86 Sportster.
First fuck? Not really something to write home about……… the only funny thing is that the chick stalked me out online – like 18 years later (by the way my line for that is always that I musta been unforgettable – that’s right ladies)………… it made my lady super jealous…. I thought it was kinda funny but don’t tell her that….
Favorite person? You
Do you remember when we first met? I think so……………
Do you get any ass in that van or just haul broken shit? Depends……….. it’s kinda like a mullet………. Built for business but it looks like it’s ready for a party at any time.

DS Vander- How does one find their southern gypsy soul, or are you born with it, and does it have to be southern? Born with it……… you know.
Are you as psyched as I am about the crew of humans we have on board at DS? Without a doubt!
Take over the world or the world take you over? Depends on how much caffeine I’ve had………… sometimes I’m running shit and sometimes I’m getting run over.
Plans for the ride to Born Free? I figure it’ll be like most of our adventures we’ll talk about it a lot and then make plans at the last minute………….. so we’ll wing it…. right?
Hostile takeover plans? I’ve got enough trouble running my world as it is…. I don’t need more to sweat…….

Matt- How did you meet the rest of the DS crew? Matt and I have been homies here in Raleigh for a bunch of years… I met Vander on the Gypsy Run a couple years ago….. just ran into Jason a few times too many…. Once you meet Benji he’s a friend – I met him at Born Free 2 last year…….. Fingers at the Revenge Run………… Kyle at Ride to Skate….. Jeff has been a homie for a couple years and has saved me from myself on bike shit too many times….. Jay and Josh I had seen around and just got to know at the Ride for Lightning…… Thomas is a local from Raleigh….. here and there………… Like I said when we meet someone we know what’s up…..
What is the driving motivation to form together, what was your collective goal? It’s never really been planned…. We just started hanging out and keeping in touch………. It just evolved from there……….. I wish we were that organized. Our collective goal……….. I guess if we have a goal it’s just to make good chopper shit happen on the East Coast….. not trying to re-ignite the East vs. West rap battles of the 90’s……….. the West Coast has amazing shit going on……… but so do we on the East Coast…….. so, we started the blog to keep up with it and get people stoked on what’s happening here in our own back yards.

DS Tim- How is it that a guy as handsome, smart, sexy, funny and as cool as you stay so humble? What a great question…. First, thanks. I just try to stay humble by staying in touch with the people………… by throwing change at the homeless, spitting in food at the local soup kitchen and lighting the Good Will drop box on fire every other week…………
Clarke- I sometimes have a soundtrack that creeps through my head when I ride and space out. Give us an idea of what music you are into and if they apply differently to certain things or moods. I kinda go through times when I am heavy into specific shit and times when I just listen to my ipod on shuffle…………. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Waylon Jennings……… T is for Texas………..

Mrs. Lind- When are you going to put passenger pegs on your bike? As soon as Fingers finishes the peg mounts for me baby.
When do I get a pretty helmet? Come on baby I keep telling you they’re not “pretty” they are “vintage.”………… or is it retro……….. wait, I got it they’re period correct.

Nick- Favorite racist term? Affirmative Action or Political Correctness….. I’ll save my political and social theories for drunken nights around the campfire…..

The Fish- What do you look like without a beard? An asshole…. Seriously, while my lady hates my beard long the one time she saw me without a beard she made me promise not to ever shave…… I look like a douche without it.
What animal do you think best represents you and why? Shit man, I have no idea……
Know any dirty jokes? How do you know you’re at a gay barbeque? The hotdogs taste like shit.

Thanks brother