Friday, April 30, 2010


ladies, gentleman and you bastards... it's the Brooklyn Invitational 2. it is a ways away still but put in for the days off now. last year was a great fuckin time

and bring tools. the BQE is a parking lot of sink holes and jump ramps

see you at the matchless the night before

Thursday, April 29, 2010

freak out porn

Hot mom Rob was trying to sneak a peak at work and got cold cock blocked. This is what he got instead. Apparently youre looking at pornography right now... sinner

Jut the brain behind the scenes made some modifications to the FOTS web shop today. Check out should be easier, faster and no paypal account needed

a thing of beauty

jugs, push rod, pump... check
lifter and tappet, and hope she dont get piston

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Brain brings gifts

Had a little bbq last night. Brian from Hated of the World brought these peanuts which were amazing. I actually ate some for breakfast. I may see if he wants to go halves on having a case shipped up here. I dont know much about Texas, everything I know is from PeeWees Big Adventure, but if this is what they can do with nuts everything else has got to be outta sight.

On a side note it was a little intimidating grilling animal carcass for a Texan, I know they take that shit seriously.

Day at the Swap

Saturday the gang loaded up and headed to the Oley swapmeet. If you are lookin for old (real old) this was the place. No major purchases made, I think I bought the only David Mann print with a fuckin evo in it.
This sporty gem wasnt for sale otherwise it'd be sitting in my living room right now.

Distinguished gentlemen
All in all it was a good day. Saw a lot of cool old bikes tearing around the fairgrounds. The women didnt bitch and the kids all behaved. That's a success in my book.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ride to Skate Preparty

The details are set and final. So fuckin stoked to have my 3 favorite bands in the Philly area coming together to throw down this show for us. All of these guys are solid friends and even if they didnt plug in it would be a real good time. Friends are rad. Lowside Magazine having issue 2 done and having their release party there is the last wrinkle to work out. Choppahead DVD's playing on the tubes to watch Big Truth for some eye candy. Real cool bar and PBR pounders. Its an early show so dont slack. Here's the deal. Saturday, May 15th. $5 cover. Doors open at 7 and bands to start around 7:30. The Kung Fu Necktie is at 1250 North Front Street, 2 blocks off of Girard in the Northern Liberties/Fishtown section of Philly.

Backwoods Payback- It was just reported that these guys have a measurable effect on church attendance. After a Backwoods show, people either go more or never again. Rumor has it that Mike used to roadie for G.G Allen but got asked to leave because he rocked and partied too hard.

Kingsnake- I hung out and skated with Bill in high school. He showed the auto shop teacher how to make his car faster, got sex ed canceled... forever, worked off detention time by giving the music teacher lessons, and made the school councelor quit and see a shrink. When it got back to Clutch that they sounded similiar, Neal Fallon drove up from Maryland, said he was sorry and cut Bill's grass for the summer.

American Speedway- is ok.
If I said anything more about how much Speedway kills the show, Kerchner's enourmous mellon head would get even bigger. I'm already sick of hearing about it everywhere I go "Oohhh, do you know Speedway? Dont you just love Speedway? Everyone cool loves Speedway. I want to have all of Speedway's babies. I would be an anal drug mule if I could only do meth with Speedway" Ok mom, I'll tell them... Fuck. Sometimes I just wish American Speedway didnt rock so good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slow Goin

Got my heads back and painted. If the planets align I may have my cases and crank assembly tomorrow! I can only hope.

High Life

Driveway campfire= Awesome

idle hands

all this hard work is wearing me out

rise of the cobra

went down to the car hold with Mike D lastnight and this was the result
the old cobra found a new home on the macho bar. sissys are for wusses

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ride to skate 4 update

just to update the deal if you dont already know...

Sunday, May 16th at FDR park in Philly at 10:00 am
A bunch of bastards on bikes from US to Brit to Jap to Dego and stuff in between. From new fancy to old stock. From stight and clean to oily rust buckets (mine). Last year was so cool just to see everyones take on what a bike should look and feel like and to shoot the shit with some good dudes and have no bad vibes. Some that skated and most that didnt. Its all good. This year there are some sweet little additions to the deal. We got an amazing amount of support from the sponsors in the way of goodies for the raffle to help fund the park. The box of stuff almost knocked out my back and its still coming in. Another change this year is the help from Delaware Josh that is lining up some heavy skate action at one of the sickest parks around no matter where youre from. Word of some fun half cocked skate contests to either hurt yourself at or have a laugh. There is also a stacked list of bands playing the gig this time that will come to a boil with Chuck Treece and way back skate band legend McRad sealing the deal. We also welcome any non suck skate or motorchopper related booth activity. From some every man for himself swap meet spots to a couple confirmed solid guys bringing the goods from their company. The deal is that if you make some loot it would be cool to kick a little back to the park if you didnt already give some gear. The food is also coming together with some bbq for purchase and the triumphant return of Honest Tom's taco truck. Super good dude that I feel bad for having to serve us out of the metal box instead of riding his bike down. There may or may not be some beer for sale and you quite possibly could or couldnt bring your own. I dont know and wont say even if I did. Read between the lines. Do your thing, be cool, get some fun. Did I mention the day is as free as the dirty air youll be breathin unless you want to buy something. Below is a sketchy ass map to print if it helps anyone. The close, cheap, clean hotel is marked. Quality Inn Gloucester, NJ for the out of towners. Word is that the Baltimore squad is rolling up in full force, some of the Hated and Choppahead boys from Boston, some friends from all over PA, Jersey, New York, Delaware, possibly Ohio and other far off spots.

Saturday, May 15th at the Kung Fu Necktie in Philly at 7:30 pm
Our good friend Chickenhead is giving up his quality bar the Kung Fu Necktie for the night for a preparty that will be well worth the measly $5 cover. Hell, it costs $4 to even get out of Jersey and they dont even sing at you or have beer at the toll booths. Superior heavy rock badass noise from the likes of American Speedway, Kingsnake who is releasing their new cd, and a 3rd band t.b.a. Our friends at Lowside are also trying to get issue 2 wrapped up to have a release party at the bar as if there wasnt already enough. It is going to be a weekend to remember.

down for life

Got an order in the shop yesterday and got in touch with the man on the other end. This is what I got back.

"we're really just normal guys like all of you also..."
"My name is Glenn Field - I've been in the Air Force for 20 years now, retiring when I get home and riding a 71 Trump chopped and dropped down to San Antonio, TX from NYC. My friend Chris has it now, and just so happens to want a Harley instead on account of his room mate being Keino Sasaki... I've dug bikes and skated since I was about 15, just like almost everyone else I know, I guess... The worst part of being here is wanting to ride so bad. It's freedom - we don't have it here (we Americans, I don't much care about the Iraqi's anymore) that I miss more than anything, being on the road...
But that's what we do - some folks pick up the trash. I carry a gun and give up my freedoms every now and again. We all have a job to do, and that's mine. ?besides, I get to carry all sorts of guns and legally buy switch's... even tho we got the outfit and haircut, we're still out to freak people out...
Don't take the ability to ride for granted, no matter how bad the weather, or whatever excuse you got. You could be more than a few steps from your garage... Get out there for us!"

I was in the middle of what felt like important work when I read this. I got up, walked out and left the house for a ride. I was on familiar roads but looked around a little differently this time. To say guys like this that put it on the line have our thanks, support and respect seems to fall way short. Be safe and get home soon. Beers on me brother. Thanks for doing what most cant or wont.

Monday, April 19, 2010


slim, kris & the guys over at depalma did a hell of a job on the shop bike

some lucky bastard will be told that it is all theirs at the end of the month. stay tuned

long live the king

headed over the bridge to meet up with bro zito and ride out to our secret favorite parts spot
perfect day for it...
...a weekday with good weather
zitos finely tuned trophy gets going a lot quicker then my old leaky bitch pan
pull up at the spot and this is in the lot
the light of the world
dude said most people arent allowed in the back anymore, joe sweet talked him
this place has rooms and rooms of stuff stashed everywhere
you may need a tetnis shot if youre not careful
futuristic viking ship sailing down a river in outer space
my head was spinning from the smell and feel of the fading history in the air
nick the man wasnt around to haggle prices, left some real cool stuff behind
security system
kickin it
most of the locals know exactly where this is. some have been there a bunch of times and never even seen the barns, chicken coops, sheds, or old school bus filled with old parts. this was my third and possibly final time in the fields of dreams. we dont exactly tell everyone about it because its like a well that has a rising bottom. i went through the rack of z bars and everything was either completely hacked or tweaked. that supply has been run down and lost. 
nick will ask you what you are looking for and what you have and what you want to do with the parts you are asking about. he cares about what its going on and if he doesnt agree with your decision he will give you a price that reflects it. you cant call up and say you are looking for an old part and expect them to go through the piles for you. you cant even show up some times and just expect them to unlock the back doors. they are good old school dudes and because of that, they have held on to a huge part of motorcycle history that they let go in small amounts to who they want to.
when the dude said nick is having a $1 part sale for anything in the back vaults, me and joe stopped breathing for a couple seconds. there is a catch. there is a million dollar minimum. whoever can get up that scratch will rule a dirty beautiful world of old american made metal for quite a while. its because of this, that we may never get through the doors again. if you are in the central part of old jersey, try to stop by, try to sweet talk them, try to be cool or they will flat out ignore your request, try to pick through it before its all gone and sold off on some ebay type outlet for top dollar. these guys and the place they have created have my respect and best wishes for the sale and the road ahead. it wont be long before the used parts section becomes a story that you have a hard time believing yourself. here you go

Thursday, April 15, 2010

fuckin' ouch!

As usual, I was in the garage working on random shit the other night. needed to take a burr off a tiny piece of steel i was working with. this was the 1st & last time i ever turn the grinder on without putting on the safety gogs. i even failed to flip down the guard on the grinder - fuckin double dummy douchebag that i am. touched the piece to the wheel for a nanosecond & bang, felt something hit my eye. ahh, no biggie - didnt even feel like it stuck. figured something just bounced in & out. next day, eye is buggin me bad. i looked in the mirror a few times to see if i could find the source of pain but nothing. it wasnt until after work yesterday when i got home that i could finally see a spot that wouldnt wash out or move. fuck.

went to the eye doc & she said 'yep, you have a piece of metal stuck in your eye & its already rusted quite a bit'. double fuck. she put some drops in, pulled the piece out with some long metal tool & then said 'well since the piece was in there overnight and all of today, its had a chance to leave a rust ring around it & i need to get that out too if i can because it may not ever go away if we dont get it now' so she then proceeded to scrape the rust out of my eye for a while. given, with the numbing drops she put in, i didnt feel much but the idea of someone scraping your eye with a long metal tool just isnt all that rad. thankfully, she fixed me right up.

lesson learned. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR GOGS IN THE SHOP! ive known this forever and its real stupid because im always the one telling everyone to wear their gogs & face sheilds & all that shit. im a goddamn fool. just glad it wasnt worse. for future reference too, if you think you've got something in your eye like a sharp steel splinter or something along those lines, go to the eye doc right away to have them take it out before it rusts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

make it happen

this is jay, making a call. jay makes all sorts of stuff...

jay made this shovel, in his girlfriends kitchen, where the table usually went. he made her his wife not long after the bike was done.

this is the garage that jay made where he helped most of us around here make our first bike.

jay made a flathead called the harlum davison with a pickinny head shifter that either made people upset or made them laugh.

jay made a mini ramp in high school, he has made countless good memories and bad nicknames for everyone, jay has made us laugh uncontrollably many times, the man made the trip to litterally pick me up off the ground at my lowest point ever, jay makes life more interisting and helped make me who i am today.

this is the kid he made, that he named after a motorcycle part. jay will hopefully make him into a man like himself one day. at that point, when there is two of them, god help us all, no one is safe from being made a fool.

like i said, jay makes stuff happen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Captain Knuckles

This tight little number was made in 2 months for Daytona by our good old friend Captain Karl. Hard work paid off when it Took Best in Show & Best Bobber at the Limpnickie Lot

Bike Check: 77 FLH. Just to name a few mods and fabs- handmade the stainless Z bars, kicker pedal, brass & stainless forward controls, made the aircleaner from an old gear, the tailight from a 1950's fire extinguisher, the rear fender from a model A ford spare tire cover and the ignition switch from a piano lever

Head Check: 63 SOB. If personal experience and knowledge we carried around with us had actual volume, this guy would need a hat the size of a kiddie pool. Just to name a few that come to mind- enduro moto racer, commercial fisherman, insurance diver to recover wrecks and bodies, farmer, artist, tattoo artist, welder, machinist, mechanic, cook, kook, friend, brother, and always willing to shed some light. Good fuckin dude and always a good time when we all get together. Thanks for the photos man

thats the end, right up there