Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two nights with The Sword

Thursday night at the Chameleon in Lancaster was rad. Good sound and atmosphere

Friday night at the TLA in Philly was extra special for me because it was all ages and my 10 year old daughter came with us. She wasnt really feelin it at first, shes into the disney skank singers, but by the end of the show she could barely speak from screaming so much.

She took this picture, at one point he realized how much the kid was going nuts and he smiled ear to ear.

We were right against the barrier, I dont know if this show made an impact on my daughter or not but it was a hell of a lot fun for me.
On a side note the band Mount Carmel from Ohio opened the show. Super good blues rock(think Cream). Look em up.


  1. I saw the same show here in Birmingham last week. I was digging the opening band.

  2. I saw them of the 29th of November. They were amazing live!

  3. Saw them last night here in D.C. Amazing show. And Mount Carmel blew me away.