Thursday, December 2, 2010


Im sure a bunch of you out there already know these two guys. Some of us have been rolling around together on 4 wheels since we were kids and 2 wheels for about a solid decade now. They are two of our best friends around and when we all get together its always a good memory in the making. Seemed only natural to share them with the rest of the world and have them jump in on this cluster fuck. Im sure you will all get along just fine. Ladies and Gents...

This is Flathead Jay...
He also goes by Clothespin for reasons unknown even to him. He's cookin up a little gig called 45 Grave dedicated to keeping Flatheads alive that you may become familiar with soon enough. Ive been friends with him for about 25 years now and he still surprises me. He somehow always finds himself in story worth situations, some good, some bad, but usually always worth a laugh. He thinks most things are a conspiracy and and has the theories to back it up. He says whats on his mind, to complete strangers quite often, and will never let you down. He is a quality rare bread indeed.

And this is Q...
Q is this photo. Always easy going and laid back. He's that guy that you call at a moments notice to do anything and he's down without even knowing the details. And his lady likes him enough to let him go. Thanks Paige. Ive never seen him get bent out of shape about anything. Literally anything. He likes to dance, make fun of you a tenth of a second after you do something stupid and he may be magnetic because for some reason half of us have almost smashed into him on the road at some time or another at no fault of his own. We may have to get him tested.

Welcome to the party.


  1. Had the pleasure of meeting them both, and hanging with Bill (Q) several times...solid dudes for sure!

  2. I blame Jay and his old shovel for my motorcycle addiction. He also took the time to teach me how to fix my bike when it was a pile of shit 10 years ago. Him and his wife took me and my daughter in when we had no where else to go. Q is the gentle giant, whatever you need whenever the time he's in. I consider both dear friends, welcome.