Monday, December 6, 2010

I am shit.

So sorry I havent been keeping up on this lately. Just been mega busy & I would hope that most people would agree, blogging is pretty low on my list of priorities. The last post I had up here was after I fixed up my lathe. Since then, I gutted my shop and ran some more power out there with a subpanel, a shitload of outlets, both 110 & 220V, super bright lights, etc. Finally got me a nice bigass compressor and a tig machine. I had a couple projects up in the air but finally cleared my plate enough that I actually got to work on my own bike for a second. Yeah, the ironhead chopper I have been trying to build for 3 and a half years now... Ugh. I built my Triumph in 8 months with barely any tools, no workspace - mainly in an 8 x 10 shed with an extension cord from the kitchen window of my old apartment powering my 110 flux core mig. Now I'm all Johnny Homeowner, with a legit workspace, tools & machines & its taking me a fucking year to mount a fender. Ghey. Anyhow, once I get my pop-in-law's new bike out of my shop, I am back at it. I will ride that bike sometime in 2011, even if I have to give up sleeping.

So anyhow, I have been riding my balls off as usual. I took a rad trip down to a place called the Devil's Marbleyard in VA a month or so ago. Met some of my homies down there & camped out, hiked, made tons of grub over the fire, etc. The ride down was rad - took skyline drive and blue ridge parkway. Then the road off blue ridge down to the camp was some janky dirt trail that was mega rutted with off camber turns and crazy loose gravel. It was a change of pace from railing the twisties then going right into dirt-moto mode but the Scrambler is a fucking champion. That bike does it all with zero hesitation.

Still helping out up at Classic Cycles and having a blast up there. Working 6 days sucks, the commute to the shop and back is a bit harsh, being a 3 hour round trip. All through the warm weather, its all good - I dig riding so whatever, half of the route is good riding, the other half is a 90mph highway blast. Since my only 4 wheeled thing is my 65 chrysler, if I take that to the shop and back, the cost of fuel kicks my ass. I finally broke down and got some heated riding gear so I can just keep riding up there all winter. I had a full riding suit but man, even that doesnt keep me warm when its below 35 and im on the bike for more than 20 minutes or so. The heated gear under the suit is so rad. It was in the 20s on saturday when I left my pad but I just turned my gear on and stayed nice & toasty all 70 miles up to the shop. Yeah, the gear cost more than a few tanks of gas for the chysler but hell, anything to keep me on two wheels as much as possible is worth it.

Finally made it down to Ds pad for thanksgiving 2 after the long ride back. The entire FOTS crew was there, including their spawn and ol ladies. Such a good group of folks, great food & just hella good vibes. I am real lucky to be a part of this whole deal. There arent too many people that felt like true family so soon after meeting them as all these cats. I recently lost one of my best friends ever and it is seriously kicking my ass. Dude left us way too soon. What it showed me is to be really greatful for the friends you've got because even though you may say 'see you later' - you may never seem them again at all. Hug your bro's often, call them up for the hell of it and just keep it in the back of your mind that any one of them may be gone in a flash so make the time you spend together worth it. Also, dont hold grudges. Squash the bullshit ASAP. Fight it out in the backyard if you have to. Being mad at your friends over dumb shit is retarded. Be it music, skateboards, motorsickles, stamp collecting - however the fuck you meet the people in your life, do your best to be a good friend.