Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Improvement

I thought building my Triumph tought me a lot of shit. Well building this goddamn sportster has tought me more shit than I ever wanted to know. We all know the obvious shit you learn by building your own bike. Rebuilding a motor, carb, trans, lacing wheels, mounting tires, setting up brakes, electrical systems, oiling systems, welding, polishing, painting and maybe even a little extra riding skills if you actually put some miles on the fucker when its done. It's all the OTHER shit I've learned over the course of building this bike, like how valuable a nice workspace is and having the right tools & machines to do the things I want to do without leaning on anyone else. Being able to lock the door on the garage, turn the phone off and the stereo up and just create. I imagine it's a similar feeling a writer or artist has when they are just in the groove and exactly what is in thier mind is coming out of thier hands. I am neither so I may be completely wrong.

So now that I am a semi-grown up and have my own garage, I've been postponing a lot of work to the bike to improve my workspace - more power, lighting, machines & the latest - heat and insulation. fucking A - everytime I think the hard part is over, I find a new thing to learn which is harder than the last thing. Some aspects are harder on the mind and others are harder on the body. Insulating my ceiling is definitely the latter. It wouldnt be so bad if I could roll all my shit into the driveway and do it with an empty shop but with all the snow, im just working around all my bikes and stuff. I know for sure either one or more of my bikes will get fucked up and/or I will by the time this job is over. Balancing on one foot on the ladder with the insulation in one hand, staple gun in the other - trying not to drop anything or fall on the bike project i'm doing all this work to the garage for.

I dont want to sound like i'm bitching because I am super grateful to have this little concrete shack to go out and be creative in. I am really shooting to have this latest bike done this spring & I already have my next project lined up. Please stick around for a while Old Man Winter, I still have a lot of work left to do.

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  1. You got it made man, I can't wait to get my own space to build in. Good luck!