Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Improvement

I thought building my Triumph tought me a lot of shit. Well building this goddamn sportster has tought me more shit than I ever wanted to know. We all know the obvious shit you learn by building your own bike. Rebuilding a motor, carb, trans, lacing wheels, mounting tires, setting up brakes, electrical systems, oiling systems, welding, polishing, painting and maybe even a little extra riding skills if you actually put some miles on the fucker when its done. It's all the OTHER shit I've learned over the course of building this bike, like how valuable a nice workspace is and having the right tools & machines to do the things I want to do without leaning on anyone else. Being able to lock the door on the garage, turn the phone off and the stereo up and just create. I imagine it's a similar feeling a writer or artist has when they are just in the groove and exactly what is in thier mind is coming out of thier hands. I am neither so I may be completely wrong.

So now that I am a semi-grown up and have my own garage, I've been postponing a lot of work to the bike to improve my workspace - more power, lighting, machines & the latest - heat and insulation. fucking A - everytime I think the hard part is over, I find a new thing to learn which is harder than the last thing. Some aspects are harder on the mind and others are harder on the body. Insulating my ceiling is definitely the latter. It wouldnt be so bad if I could roll all my shit into the driveway and do it with an empty shop but with all the snow, im just working around all my bikes and stuff. I know for sure either one or more of my bikes will get fucked up and/or I will by the time this job is over. Balancing on one foot on the ladder with the insulation in one hand, staple gun in the other - trying not to drop anything or fall on the bike project i'm doing all this work to the garage for.

I dont want to sound like i'm bitching because I am super grateful to have this little concrete shack to go out and be creative in. I am really shooting to have this latest bike done this spring & I already have my next project lined up. Please stick around for a while Old Man Winter, I still have a lot of work left to do.

holla days

I had a busy week. Hope everyone got in touch with their loved ones.

If you havent already, call you mom, and tell her I said hi.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

true colors

got a early xmas prize in the mail the other day. JC from the nearby town Wayne was in the spirit if giving so I passed it on as well...

Mike D, Q, the Fish & the Brain from HOTW as well as myself will all be showing our colors pins. Thanks man. A return package is on its way.

The Fish was down from Boston and somehow pulled together a heafty last minute group at the delightful Frontier saloon. Clothespin, Hot Mom Rob and some of the girls made it out too. As always we roll with the sweetest birds around. Jay almost had to fight off the heafty siberian gal that kept eyeballin Sara's birthday cake. Was a real good time. Dont think anoyone made it to work early the next day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Surprise

for christmas this year we did a pollyanna and I got my sister's boyfriend.I asked him what he wanted and he said he didn't know he likes surprises.Well surprise motherfucker your getting a snuggie thats what happens when you make me go shopping.Apparently according to the box these are great for fishing and other outdoor activity.Happy Holidays to all

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Shit Already

Hate the snow. I was working 40 miles north of home today and had no idea it was supposed to snow. Not a flake when I left work to come home, then it took me 45 minutes to go the last 10 miles. Traffic came to a halt. Sucked

Bitchin' Pans and Murder Vans

The Death Science cats have their shit together. Gonna be patchin us all over soon?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Q

Flake, flames and shooting diamonds. Q was holding on to this coffin tank for some time and was cool enough to donate it to my plunger frame bike that I'm building this winter. Long road ahead. Trying to do it all on swap action. Got some real good stuff so far all due to real good friends. Should be interesting to say the least.

Thanks brother, you rule.

Still looking for a solid 750 5 speed unit Triumph go getter to throw in it. I have a 69 BSA 650 4 speed that is available for a straight up trade. It hasent run in a couple years but almost every little stock thing is there including the title. Email me if you have a line on anything juicy.


Monday, December 13, 2010

happy birfday

congrats jeremiah. with love, fots

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Now in 3D

couldn't find any safety glasses so I put the dice 3-d glasses to work.If you use these while cutting,the sparks actually look like they're coming right at your face.Fucking trippy,might have to try this on shrooms next time.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hated of the World Inner View

For some reason the HOTW Inner View had some issues and got all fucked up. Some words didnt feel like showing up on the FOTS store site and there is some foreign language crap on the Chop Cult news dump. Look, I dont pretend to know why computers act the way they do. It took me a couple of hours to post it the first time and I really dont care to do it again. If youre having problems reading it click here to see it in its non jacked up form on the FOTS blog. Taker easy

Ask The Hated

Deathhead Chris Earhart and Joe Fish are a couple of guys that I'm fortunate to have as friends. Its hard to see why they're Hated. Decided for yourself... 

Chris... "Well first I wanna say! The first time we sat down to answer these, we both just cracked open a can of FourLoko to see what all the hypes about, three cans later... The words were in a pile of jibberish, thrown together with horde of undecipherable nonsense from bar brawls, Bocephus and going nowhere fast! This seemed to be the consensus, when we finally came to. The next morning!!
We fuckin’ BLACKED OUT!
Coming in little sparks of remembrance and our wives having to clue us in! Running to the park, playing with a Derringer... blackness... playing with knives, confessing our bro love again, downing another... even blacker… contemplating something?, saying grace, talkin’ shop… hmmmm… trying to get laid while falling, winning at falling and the rest is bluuurrrry!
So, that pretty much sums up Joe and I, were best buds and we like to party on 4Loko!!! …and cocaine and heroin and whatever else you got..."

Clarke said... Chris, share what you can about the story of the man behind Holliday Leather.
So here’s the short story! So we were trying to figure out a way to get my wife’s Ol’ man some commissary, while in his 14th year of a 30 year drug conviction in northern Texas. Him being already skilled at leather working, amongst the many other skills he has acquired before the joint! I knew this one could make money in my world, at this point in time I was running and buying for a high profile street wear store. So I knew we could turn and burn at our own pace, and keep it small until we were ready. A year later and about 100 wallets made and sold, he gets parole. It’s on now! We thought, move him up here, set up shop and Get those Kilo’s rolling, haha J/K. Not that shit again! But the system sucked him in, keeping a tight chain. Slowly built the business back up, confined to only small house, but hell its better than a cot and toilet for a sink! Until one day that chain broke before its time and shit went down. That’s about as much as I can say over the interweb, but if you ask me in person I’ll give you the rest.

DSVander said... Joe how’s the pan shovel these days? The pan-shovel is down for some re-constructive surgery. It’s going to be ready for BF3 and I’m gunna try to keep it under wraps until then. The thing is, I’m only mediocre at keeping secrets!
Got the Chevy up and running? The Chevy gets closer everyday. I’ve got it running ok, but it still needs a few odds and ends sorted before I can put the front clip back on and really drive it. One step forward, two steps back with that damn car. Doing a frame off car is A LOT more consuming than I anticipated, and it really reinforces my respect for custom car builders. Its definitely going to continue being a long term project/money pit before all is said and done.
How are you doing since the run in with a caravan? I didn’t like caravans before, but now I really hate ‘em!
Did Jason’s Linkert I sent you get there yet? Jason’s carb got here along with a carb Brian and Jeremiah sent me. I was able to piece together a pretty nice little M74 thanks to you guys!
We need to set up a bro ride camp drink as soon as it warms back up…We got to get together a good ride this spring. How about on Hitler’s B-day (4-20)?!
Chris, how’s your new project coming along? Blew it off for the last few weeks, trying to scrape as much dough as could so I can just blow it all in Vegas, but I'm back on track!
Bakertrans? Baker dreams, but that’s about all they are right now.
When are you guys coming down to NYC to rage with me? Taking my mom up there in December we should show her how we party!
Hated of the world fellas kinda rule it... Chris, I’m gonna hit you up for a wallet... Let’s do it buddy, we’ll make a matching mead horn for you!
Love ya guys over and out...

DSVander said... What about the rest of crew? Like the Brain and Jason what are those guys up to... The Brain almost done with school? What’s he in school for? The Brain is the GUY! He’s my lawyer before I talk to my attorney. And that is what he’s going to school for… so he can be my lawyer AND my attorney!
Are you guys gonna make the time to ride to Bornfree 3 with DS and the FOTS fellas? We will most definitely be you guys for BF3!! Unless something crazy and unpredicted gets in the way…like jobs.
Jason, how’s my sweet weld job holding up? Jason says you’re the best welder ever and he wants to mought kiss you…hard.
Tell us about the projects you guys got going on... Like most of you, there are too many projects. I guess you’ll just have to wait to see them 1 at a time.

Fingers said... How’s it feel to be in the circle of life we have created? I don’t know if we have anything to do with the creation of a circle of life in a Lion King or Dr. Frankenstein sense, but we are very proud to be apart of this scene, especially here on the east coast.
What’s in the future for HOTW? Just boozin’ and cruisin’, turnin’ and burnin’!
DaFish- How are you healing? I’m healing up faster than Wolverine on penicillin and vicodin.
Chris- Tell us the deal behind Holiday leather. Holliday full line,by summer!

DSTim said... What's the word on SLABSIDE? Slabside was just a ploy to get Joey up here, J/K Joey! It’s really gonna be something! When we finally get to it. We have a lot great ideas, but we also have a lot of projects!
What got you fellas into choppers? My dad and uncles have always had motorcycles around when I was growing up. My ol man got me a red Yamaha QT50 when I was 9 that me and my buddies would take turns thrashing around the neighborhood on. I traded it for a brand new stolen laptop and 2 pitbull puppies when I was 12. Poor thing had seen better days by then. At 16 I bought a buell blast which I soon outgrew. Sold it and bought a 74 Norton Commando 850. My passion for old bikes that will kick back and don’t always want to start was truly born while on the seat of that thing. That was followed by more than a few other British bikes including a Triumph I was real proud of building until I got my shovel. Well I’ve been around this shit all my life, my pops has always ridden and has built quite a few trick Harleys for himself and friends, 1% club shit was always around when I was young, but I was clueless. Went to Sturgis when I was 13, got my first real tattoo, gawked at a whole bunch of biker titties, saw the Blackhills. But I still wasn’t hooked; not until I got a little older. Skating consumed me back then, and that was all that mattered!
How did you and the rest of the crew meet? Always been into hotrodding though, and that’s how I met Joe and the rest of the Texas family including Gilbert the newest co conspirer on the blog. Joe always rode a bike and I just cared to go fast in anything, still do! Eventually Joe started to build a triumph and at this point I was gearing up to move to Boston to be with my long lost and out of circumstance I traded my band van for ’68 Triumph basket from some vato, behind Gibert’s house. So pretty much I blame Joey, my Pop, Gibby’s neighbor and some major ocd problem I have! Met Jason while he was pursuing my wife, found Jlee in Chinatown and Brian is my long lost Brother, can’t you tell!
How's the transition to the Northeast from TX? Eh, it’s alright. Lots of good folks. I love New England, hate the ninjas!

DSMatt said... Which one of you gets the most tail? I heard Chris gets more ass than a toilet seat... Shiiit! Maybe more than few years ago, haha I was the man! My ol lady’s got a bigger ass, does that count?
Who came up with the name "Hated of the World"? John 15:18-“If you are hated by the world, keep in mind that I was hated by the world before you.”
What's the best experience you've had on a chopper so far? A particular run, or just a ride around town with friends, etc...? First time test riding the triumph with Joey @ the stroke of Midnight! The feeling of being so close can be overwhelming and rompin’ around with Vander and Benji in Brooklyn late at night! How fast can you gooo!! ONE of the best times I’ve had on a chopper is also one of the first. I cant talk about it online because my lil mamma might see this, but it was AWESOME! So if you see me in person (and she aint around) just ask. And, Sara, if you read this I’m just joking. Riding with a ton of dudes in Philly is also up there.

Jason said... What do you guys do for a living? Holliday Leather – Creative Director/ Sales, Loser Machine company – New England Rep., Unemployment check receiver – Why so serious!, Sperm Donor. We live.
How is it coming from Texas and moving up there to the sub-arctic Boston area? My first real New England winter is coming up so I'm waiting in anticipation.

TW said... Chris, I kinda feel like you may listen to black metal. If you do we should talk about it next time. Whatdya say? Hail Abbath! While metal clawing and blasting blast beats! Why wouldn’t we!

Doogler Benji said... Chris- When you look into my eyes do you feel something special? jk. Benji, the twinkles gone! I told you it was only a one time thing! I only have I eyes for my weedwhacker!
Seriously- What’s the story on your sweet little triumph? Where did you get it? How much did it deviate from day one in your possession? It’s my first bike and I’m gonna keep it forever! It fuckin’ turned my life inside out!
Who taught you how to weld? Took an art sculpture class to learn to tig, by a dude oddly named Benjamin!
What’s the craziest thing you caught your dog eating? My Ol’ lady's thongs, all day everyday, he’s a sick fuck!
How close are you to your beard? More than anyone could fathom.
If you had to choose between quitting smoking and shaving your beard which would it be? That question blew my mind, fuck! …..What happened to weekly facetiming!?
Joe- Your bravery toward spicy foods and beverages is very impressive. What’s the craziest situation you’ve been in involving a chili, or some sort of crazy hot spice or item? Again, I can give credit to my ol man for liking, nay, LOVING spicy foods and beverages. Man, some of those “worlds hottest” hot sauces that are chemically enhanced with capsicum extract and are rated like a jillion on the scoville scale will make your ears ring for hours.
If you could teleport any one place in the world for 30 minutes where would it be and why? It would probably be Superman’s fortress of solitude. Don’t know why, I don’t even like Superman.
What was your first bike? Before my Yamaha qt50, my dad got me a Honda 50cc dirt bike when I was like 5 that never ran. My mom let me put it in my room and it I had plenty of good times pretending to jump ramps just like on Excitebike, which was a Nintendo game some of you may remember.

The Fish said... Chris- who talked you in to building a bike and why did you listen to that clown? Also, how did you sweet talk me into moving up to this god forsaken place with such treacherous roads and drivers and NO delicious tacos or Chic-fil-a or Whataburger!?! That’s what we do! We talk each other into doing stupid things!

C.Earhart said... Joe- Which do you prefer US Weekly or Star magazine? And why? I’m definitely a US weekly kind of guy. It’s the fashion police section that gets me.
Cool points or 5 point safety check? 5 point cool check is what I’d go for every time.
Decipher the White album for us? Check this for white album deciphering. I just like that song about the whore that breaks my boy Rocky’s heart “Rocky Racoon”.
Favorite bar fight? Favorite dude to have incase of bar fight? Your bachelor party is BY FAR my favorite barfight. It was a fucking RUMBLE!!! You’re the only guy for me in a fight. Maybe Raymond. My little brother didn’t do so bad either. He actually got me out of a bind in that fight. Everybody else kind of sucks.
What are we doing with Slabside? Slabside will lay dormant until we have something that will blow everyone’s lid off.
Fake teeth, huh! Why? Yes, I have three fake teeth. The front ones. But my old teeth looked just like them!
You wanna give me the shovelhead, awe come on!? You have your own shovel, so leave mine alone.

Clarke said... Speaking of bar fights… Who was the last one to get into a frickis over a jerky comment made about one of your hot girl’s bangin kit and sexy face rig? I hate when dudes do that. Funny, we kind of like it when guys do that. We get them to get free drinks and bring them to us. The last fight we were in was on the night of my bachelor party! The whole night was fuckin’ wild, but to sum it up. Almost the end of the night, black out drunk! Both party’s meet up at a bar, notorious for me getting in to a fight there. Why? I don’t fuckin’ know! Blah blah blackness, shit talkin’ blah black, wasted ass Jackie(wife) throws her drink on the shit talker, punch, bottle to my face! Crazy brawl, Jackie stomping some dude with her heels, Jason & Joey kickin’ up dust, me wiping my blood on my face all warrior style, Dad shows up on bike, gun in hand! Glued eyelid for my wedding, rad!

C.Earhart said... When is Sara gonna cut that hair, you look like Kramer? Sara’s not touching my Kramer hair till it looks at least like Finger’s hair. We could be hair brothers.
Tell us what roughneckin' for your dad, was like? Roughnecking with my dad was pretty crazy. Taught me stuff I will never forget, like the real purpose of a big crescent wrench…as a hammer.
Can you wake me up in the morning @10? Thanks! Shit, I’ll call you from the shop at 10.

Clarke said... For each of you- One thing that you let go of and wish you could get back? I know everyone is going to lose there shit, but it positively has to be my Fox Body Mustang! I loved it with all my heart and It was getting fast! I totaled it, I would have never sold it! I sold a chrome Linkert this past summer at a swap meet thinking I wouldn’t need it any time soon. Lo and behold, I picked up a pan a few days later that was just begging for a chrome Linkert. I happened to get the guys number I sold it to cause he had some parts I might be interested in so I gave him a ring to try and snag the carb back and was a total linkert hog. Told me he needed the parts for a possible project…blahblahblah. I learned a valuable lesson: horde everything!
One of your favorite stories about the other guy? Me and Chris got reeeal drunk at a party so when it was time to leave I opted to walk back home instead of riding 3 up with him and his OL. Good call. After much re-assuring Jackie he was ok to ride and wouldn’t crash he finally coaxed her into climbing on the back. I see him whip around the corner with Jackie holding on for dear life and seconds later I hear a long screech followed by the sound of metal sliding on asphalt. I run around the corner to see him picking up his Vespa and Jackie storming off in anger and maybe a little pain. We caught up with Jackie and he re-re-assured that he wouldn’t do that again. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she GOT BACK ON! I was laughing about it to myself walking down the street when I saw Chris riding back my way. He tells me that he dropped her ONE MORE TIME at a stop sign cause he forgot to put his feet down. I couldn’t stop laughing. Ok! same notorious bar, different night with a bunch of friends. One was getting hassled by some fag near the pool table, probably over a bad drug deal. I go to stick up for my buddy, like always! First in, last out! Shit it is about to blow! I stomp over to the other side to get some type of something. Joey stops me in my tracks, shouts “who’s gettin’ it!” Before I could point and shout “that dude”! Joey hurls a full Schlitz tallboy into the crowd at some 300 pound jacked body builder motherfucker! The fucking dude caught rightside up, stares at us pours it out on the floor! We were like what the fuck, straight movie shit! Rumble starts, blood everywhere! Had to get drenched in Purell, so I wouldn’t catch the HIV, rad! Turns out Mr. Olympia was on our side.Getting into trouble and living to tell the tale, is what it’s all about! Everything else is just filler!
Name one of the other guy’s best and worst ideas or plans. Dropping out of UTI and trying to play chicken with a caravan! Best idea: Building a chopper from scratch. Worst Idea: Building ANOTHER chopper from scratch.
5 words you would use to describe the other guy. The Wind Beneath My Wings? Loyal like a dirty dog!
3 things you hate, love, fear, wish. Love: 1. Sara 2. Hot sauce 3. A good morning B.M. Titties, snatch & ass. Hate: 1. Mini vans 2. Hangovers 3. Pooping in a strange restroom. Blacks, whites & mexicans. Fear: 1. Rabies 2. Female body builders 3. Human race enslavery. The HIV, the Crabs, & the clap. Wish: 1. “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller” (Skee Lo) 2. I finish my Chevy soon 3. I had straight hair. For money, power & violence.
Last time your mind was blown. I blow my mind everynite! Err, wait!? The support I got from all you guys after my accident.
Personal high point since starting HOTW. Meeting you, Clarke! The highest point of my life!
What is a funny thing that the other guy is into that most people don't know? Chris is a real sucker for fancy marketing. If it has bright packaging with lasers and shit, he’s all over it. Or anything marketed towards his demographic. He’s got a razor with like 12 blades and is nuclear/solar powered or something. He never even shaves!

Clarke said... Joe- What did you think when you first heard about the support the fish tee? How much did it really help? When I first heard about the support the fish I just came out of my 1st surgery and was pretty drugged up. After my head cleared some, I asked Sara if what Chris told me earlier really happened. It helped me out more than I can even express. The donations really came second to the emotional and spiritual support that it gave me. Seriously heart touching.
Be honest, what was the most frivolous thing you did with it (no one will blame or judge you here man, it's a safe place). Investing in a high yield IRA.
Chris- what was it really? Buulllshiiit! It was a Mutual Fund, which in today's economy… blahblahblah
Back to Joe- Have you run into anyone you didn’t know wearing one of the shirts yet and how did you handle it? In Brooklyn, I saw someone with a support shirt on so I went up to him and gave him a hug and another shirt, different color, offered my flask and bought him a beer.
Were you as surprised as me at how popular you were and how many good people are out there that cared and helped out? I really was surprised at how many people out there sincerely CARE about someone else in this scene that they may only know from the internet. Really very humbling.
What would you like to say to them? I’d like them to know that I wish I could meet them all and try to express my gratitude in person.

Clarke said... Joe- how are you feeling since the wreck? How was it getting back on the road? Busy. I'm feeling like a hundred bucks! The day I got the pan really rideable, I hopped on and started ripping down the street without even thinking of being scared until I got back to the shop. I then said to myself “Shit. That was the first time Ive been on a bike since July. Feels good. Real good.”
Anything positive that you got out of it? What was the bikes fate? There is actually plenty of positive stuff that came out of the ordeal. Mostly, getting to meet and correspond with so many good people. The shovel is down but will be back with a vengeance!
What are you riding now? I'm scooting on a scooter. Rode the pan for a bit, but its also down for changes. The 72 vespa I finished up right before the accident runs just fine though. Wheelie poppin’ machine.

Ok Kyle said... Well to both of you how do you feel about the seen today chopper seen that is. And do you like what’s happening? This Eastcoast brotherhood shit, is fucking killin’ it and I’m honored to be apart of it! As for the chopper “scene” it seems to be forever evolving and revolving, that’s what cool about it, keeps it fresh and keeps all of us coming back.
Chris- Where do you see HOTW in 5 years? 5 years?, definitely an MC! Think about it “THE HATERS” MC, our logo could be some fat black chick throwing up “the hand to the face”!
Fish-What got you into chopper? My old man and a couple uncles were always into motorcycles, but Ive wanted a chopper ever since I was a wee lad.

Mike D said... When are you guys comin back down to Philly? I’ll be there on the 19th and ready to party.
Joe, do you ever get tired of bad mouthing all food that you come in contact with that wasn’t made in San Antonio? NEVER!
Chris, ever get the paperwork squared away with your bike? NOOO, I think they just took my money and ran!
Both, did you get jobs yet? Shit, man! I’m an entrepreneur!! We both work in one way or another. Real jobs? Forget it.

Clarke said... The thing you miss the most about Texas? Tacos, Lone Star Beer, considerate drivers, good roads and highways, a decent bar, cheap everything, lots of other stuff. Family, food, friends. Mainly food, haha!
The thing you love the most about Boston? The New England landscape really is beautiful. Everything except winter, which means nothing actually! New England style houses, seasons.
Share your Favorite Benji story. That guy makes everyone look like an amateur at life. The story with a crocodile and some Florida critters, I was probably blackin’ out when he was telling me , but the shit I caught was the greatest! Like, always! Facetime!!

Q said…Joe do you have a bionic leg now and is it easier to start your bike? Very bionic. 80% titanium. Kicking kicker pedals in half.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

war machine

we should make some of these and sack the next vintage swap like vikings

translation: awesome

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am shit.

So sorry I havent been keeping up on this lately. Just been mega busy & I would hope that most people would agree, blogging is pretty low on my list of priorities. The last post I had up here was after I fixed up my lathe. Since then, I gutted my shop and ran some more power out there with a subpanel, a shitload of outlets, both 110 & 220V, super bright lights, etc. Finally got me a nice bigass compressor and a tig machine. I had a couple projects up in the air but finally cleared my plate enough that I actually got to work on my own bike for a second. Yeah, the ironhead chopper I have been trying to build for 3 and a half years now... Ugh. I built my Triumph in 8 months with barely any tools, no workspace - mainly in an 8 x 10 shed with an extension cord from the kitchen window of my old apartment powering my 110 flux core mig. Now I'm all Johnny Homeowner, with a legit workspace, tools & machines & its taking me a fucking year to mount a fender. Ghey. Anyhow, once I get my pop-in-law's new bike out of my shop, I am back at it. I will ride that bike sometime in 2011, even if I have to give up sleeping.

So anyhow, I have been riding my balls off as usual. I took a rad trip down to a place called the Devil's Marbleyard in VA a month or so ago. Met some of my homies down there & camped out, hiked, made tons of grub over the fire, etc. The ride down was rad - took skyline drive and blue ridge parkway. Then the road off blue ridge down to the camp was some janky dirt trail that was mega rutted with off camber turns and crazy loose gravel. It was a change of pace from railing the twisties then going right into dirt-moto mode but the Scrambler is a fucking champion. That bike does it all with zero hesitation.

Still helping out up at Classic Cycles and having a blast up there. Working 6 days sucks, the commute to the shop and back is a bit harsh, being a 3 hour round trip. All through the warm weather, its all good - I dig riding so whatever, half of the route is good riding, the other half is a 90mph highway blast. Since my only 4 wheeled thing is my 65 chrysler, if I take that to the shop and back, the cost of fuel kicks my ass. I finally broke down and got some heated riding gear so I can just keep riding up there all winter. I had a full riding suit but man, even that doesnt keep me warm when its below 35 and im on the bike for more than 20 minutes or so. The heated gear under the suit is so rad. It was in the 20s on saturday when I left my pad but I just turned my gear on and stayed nice & toasty all 70 miles up to the shop. Yeah, the gear cost more than a few tanks of gas for the chysler but hell, anything to keep me on two wheels as much as possible is worth it.

Finally made it down to Ds pad for thanksgiving 2 after the long ride back. The entire FOTS crew was there, including their spawn and ol ladies. Such a good group of folks, great food & just hella good vibes. I am real lucky to be a part of this whole deal. There arent too many people that felt like true family so soon after meeting them as all these cats. I recently lost one of my best friends ever and it is seriously kicking my ass. Dude left us way too soon. What it showed me is to be really greatful for the friends you've got because even though you may say 'see you later' - you may never seem them again at all. Hug your bro's often, call them up for the hell of it and just keep it in the back of your mind that any one of them may be gone in a flash so make the time you spend together worth it. Also, dont hold grudges. Squash the bullshit ASAP. Fight it out in the backyard if you have to. Being mad at your friends over dumb shit is retarded. Be it music, skateboards, motorsickles, stamp collecting - however the fuck you meet the people in your life, do your best to be a good friend.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two nights with The Sword

Thursday night at the Chameleon in Lancaster was rad. Good sound and atmosphere

Friday night at the TLA in Philly was extra special for me because it was all ages and my 10 year old daughter came with us. She wasnt really feelin it at first, shes into the disney skank singers, but by the end of the show she could barely speak from screaming so much.

She took this picture, at one point he realized how much the kid was going nuts and he smiled ear to ear.

We were right against the barrier, I dont know if this show made an impact on my daughter or not but it was a hell of a lot fun for me.
On a side note the band Mount Carmel from Ohio opened the show. Super good blues rock(think Cream). Look em up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

back in the lab

first off,I'm proud to be part of the crew you guys rule.I started tearing the shovel down last week.Gonna change some things around and get some paint done.It's good to be back in the garage again,even though the wife hasn't seen me lately.Got some pretty rad plans for it,keep you updated as things roll along.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Im sure a bunch of you out there already know these two guys. Some of us have been rolling around together on 4 wheels since we were kids and 2 wheels for about a solid decade now. They are two of our best friends around and when we all get together its always a good memory in the making. Seemed only natural to share them with the rest of the world and have them jump in on this cluster fuck. Im sure you will all get along just fine. Ladies and Gents...

This is Flathead Jay...
He also goes by Clothespin for reasons unknown even to him. He's cookin up a little gig called 45 Grave dedicated to keeping Flatheads alive that you may become familiar with soon enough. Ive been friends with him for about 25 years now and he still surprises me. He somehow always finds himself in story worth situations, some good, some bad, but usually always worth a laugh. He thinks most things are a conspiracy and and has the theories to back it up. He says whats on his mind, to complete strangers quite often, and will never let you down. He is a quality rare bread indeed.

And this is Q...
Q is this photo. Always easy going and laid back. He's that guy that you call at a moments notice to do anything and he's down without even knowing the details. And his lady likes him enough to let him go. Thanks Paige. Ive never seen him get bent out of shape about anything. Literally anything. He likes to dance, make fun of you a tenth of a second after you do something stupid and he may be magnetic because for some reason half of us have almost smashed into him on the road at some time or another at no fault of his own. We may have to get him tested.

Welcome to the party.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


im having a hard time believing its god damn december already and been a whole year since i did this same thing with other awesome gift ideas. but i am here to help. if youre having a hard time looking for something for your favorite special girl or even good old mom... look no further. brought to you by the makes of the snuggie... its the fuckin juggy. (i made that part up) but look how stoked they are.

and i want one of these...

get yours here... and get me one while youre there