Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ride for Lightning

What can I say about this past weekend other than thanks. To Tim and Matt for their generosity and hospitality. To Jason and Brian for keeping their heads straight and not eating shit when they got flats. To Vander and Benji for being rad stand up cats. To Wes for taking pictures cause I didnt take a one. To Jay and Josh for being a fucking riot. To Clarke and Q for being Clarke and Q. And everyone else who made this the most memorable fun bike trip I have ever been on. Last but not least thanks to Judy who understood why this run was so important to me and held down the fort while I was gone. Thanks again to ALL of you.


  1. Good to see you and Clarke again man! That was one hell of a birthday party!

  2. that was some goodtimes man i hope your bday is that rad every year ill be there......good riding good friends goodtimes

  3. Why so angry? Man, it was great seeing you and the rest of the boys.... and my lady Clarke.... Glad we got to do it.... it's always rad seeing you fellas!