Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inner View- ASK TIM

It takes energy to make shit happen. Tim Lind Esquire is one of the most laid back guys I know and yet is heavily involved with more than most people could handle. He has a stack of solid runs to his credit, almost always finds travel time to show up with a bit of southern sarcasm and jars of moonshine to a bunch of the shows, he has a tattoo shop, a print shop, the Death Science lab, a family that puts up with it all, and still finds time to make all sorts of shit, work on his machines and grow a massive beard. That all takes drive and commitment and that's just what I can think of. He wasn't always fueling his indulgences. There is much more than lies on the surface. Ask and ye shall receive.

I was shooting the shit on the phone with Fingers the other day. We all know by now that the man has some amazing stories and has been through some heavy times to say the least. Good, bad and the blur in between. We were talking about meeting up for the Ride for Lightning and he was telling me that the Revenge Run was one of the best times he can remember. That's fucking saying something. Find a life long war torn vet of the road and come up with something to put on the top of his massive pile of memories. I'm looking forward to getting away and being a part of Tim's current path on the road.


  1. 3 things that...
    you love?
    you hate?
    favorite times?
    guilty pleasures?
    future plans?

  2. thats my boss mr. laid back.i love tim for being tim.that truely was a epic run for me.did i just say the e word ...kool

  3. Would you rather kiss a dude with a beard or kiss a clean shaven critter with a mullet and a Haints shirt?

  4. 3 questions why death science?one bike for the reast of your life what would it be?how do i get a awsom berd like yours

  5. When are you going to get my trike finished?

    And will you be my legal counsil the next run when we burn the town down and get thrown in jail?

  6. Word on the street is that you used to be a lawyer....How did that happen and what caused you to leave that life behind?

  7. 1. If you could get one "do over" in life, what would it be?
    2. Since we're heterosexual lifemates, and you're falling apart, can I have the Panhead when you expire?

  8. Does your truck have a panhead built into the bed?

  9. When did Kyle get a peek at your berd?

  10. 1 what is your best biker scene you were in?
    2tighty whities boxers or freeball?
    3your favorite fingers story?
    4the true chop you wish you owned but belongs to someother kat?
    ps your still a wierdo

  11. Mr. Roper. Vs. Mr. Furley, street fight rules, bottles, knives, bricks ok.

    Anything new you're excited about comin out of Death Science soon?

  12. You seem like a do'er. Run down the list of your talents or hobbies. What do you do or can you do that we don't know about? What can't you do that you wish you could? What do you do that you wish you didn't? What do you do for yourself when you don't have to actually do anything? Who are the people that help get things done at the DS lab and what do they do?

  13. lol @ Tim, such a dick, I love it...

  14. most epic cycle trip?
    most epic psychedelic trip?
    first bike?
    first fuck?
    favorite person?
    favorite movie?
    do you remember when we first met?
    do you get any ass in that van or just haul broken shit?

  15. how does one find there southern gypsy soul or are you just born with it and does it have to be southern ? are you as psyched as i am about the crew of humans we have on board at ds? take over the world or the world take you over? plans for the ride to born free? hostile takeover plans?

  16. How'd you meet the rest of the DS crew?
    What was the driving motivation to form together, what was your collective goal?

  17. How is it that a guy as handsome, smart, sexy, funny and cool as you stays so humble?

  18. Shit that was supposed to be anonymous....

  19. what do you look like with out a beard?

    what animal do you think best represents you and why?

    know any dirty jokes?