Friday, October 8, 2010


Heading to Baltimore for the Cut Rate party this weekend. The date is 10/10/10 from 10:00 til 10:00

That spells a like a ton of quality by my count. Add a gang of friends, beer, bikes, and girls, multiply it by a bunch of 10's, carry the fun and you're left with a whole lotta good time. Last time in Bomo after the Lowside jam we ended up about 12 deep in a shady skin joint getting eyeballed from just about everyone. Full on stink eye from the local bottom feeders and the look of drunk prom night love from the strung out talent.

Last time I saw Death Sciences newest experiment OK Kyle he gave me this helmet because it was too big for anyone else. I happily accepted. Then I had to remove the foam and reline it with a bandanna to make even more room.

It is a burden sometimes lugging around such huge dome but I gotta have a place to store all of the good memories and big ideas.

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  1. Have a good time and a safe ride Clarke! I wish we could make it...see you all soon though!