Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snizz Dye

I must apologize to our loyal readers and blog bros. I've been a slackin-ass fool. Been crazy busy riding, wrenching, working & getting fucking destroyed via skateboard. I assure you, I will post some neat shit with pictures & maybe some words in the near future. I've got a lot of material, just no time to post anything.

On a side note though - my wife told me about this blog post on a site she regularly reads & we were both in tears laughing while she told me about it. She sent me a link this morning & you guys all need to read it. It is specifically regarding a special product to dye your pussy lips if they are looking sort of old & shitty. a spiffy new paint job of sorts for the 'ol axe wound, veal curtain, whisker biscuit, pastrami sandwich, fluffy sausage wallet, flesh pocket or whatever other affectionate name you like to call it.

check the link HERE

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