Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The FOTS Beauty Pageant

Win this sexy head saver for that special lady in your life. Because nothing really says you're still into her like taking creepy pictures to share with other dudes. It can be of yourself (IF you're a chick), the girlfriend, wife, sister, mom... whatever strokes your goat.

Send in a photo of a female showing any one of the products or names from any of the handsome brands that FOTS works with. It can be on a tee, cap, sticker, written, whatever you feel up for. Like so...

We will then narrow it down to the cream of the crop, post the finalists and let the people decide. The winner will be sent the lovely pink sparkly Biltwell crown to wear with pride.

The Rules:

She MUST be at least 21 years old.

You MUST have her permission.

email photos by Nov 2nd to fotsclarke@gmail.com subject: Sex Sells

email complaints to gofuckyourself@suckballs.org

thank you


  1. So if no one else sends anything good, does my ol' win for setting the example?


  2. yes. As of right now it looks like she's gettin it

  3. Nice-now I cant say anything about tits...
    stop by sometime.....