Monday, September 20, 2010

pot holes suck

a bunch of us made it to and from crooklyn this weekend. it was no cross country deal but took its toll none the less. it was real good to get away and meet up with a bunch of friends even thought we spent our share of time on the side of the road. the bitch of the bunch for me was when I realized the left side of my handle bars were cracked almost completely through and about to fall off. seemed like a good idea a couple of years ago to weld them into the tripple tree

we limped it down the turn pike race way to a truck stop to find some riggin supplies. some quick set jb weld and sketchy hose clamps later...

and a wrench as a splint should do the job just fine. it was either that or mount the clutch lever on the right side and leave the left half of the bars in jersey. we ate while it set up and made our way home for the last 50 miles doing about 50 miles an hour along side of all of the cagers that always seem in a hurry.

the moral of the story... nothing. but we hung out with jeff wright for a bit and he rules. more pictures to come soon

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