Tuesday, September 14, 2010

living large

The last batch of support shirts are now in the shop. Got some size large sent over from the Death Science Lab today. There is only a small stack left and soon they will be gone for good. We wanted to say thanks again to everyone for pulling together to do an amazing thing.

We were going to do a raffle for Joe one last time at the Dice party the night before the Brooklyn show this weekend and a gang of sponsors kicked down without hesitation. He is going to be there and it will be real good to see him up and around. He mentioned to me that he wouldnt feel right being at something raising money for himself, which I totally understand. So he said he would rather donate it all to help Lee Bender and his fight against MS. Thats one more reason that Joe is a fucking solid guy. Was hurt and out of work and would rather give help to someone else. Cant say that about too many people. I would have probably kept it all, stopped at Atlantic City on the way back, bet it all on one hand of fate and if I won, had a whiskey soaked hooker fight party. But thats me.


  1. Mr Fish at his finest, mankind at it best, brothers...

  2. Three cheers for Joey! And three cheers for hookers and whiskey!

  3. Joe - That's a RAD thing to do!