Sunday, September 26, 2010

inner view

People are wired differently, thank fuckin (insert deity of choice). What makes people see the world in a different way? Is it reaction to past experience, avoidance of something, part of our design, impulse, internal combustion, a chemical reaction? Does it matter? What drives someone to ride at over 100 mph on a twisted road in the dark with no brakes? Than what makes them to able to shift gears enough to find a turn and head in a different direction in life and come out alive? And the next guy not? These are some Heavy questions. This is a shot in the dark to shed some light on what brought Zac Doom to where he is, how he got there and the colors in between the lines. Turn on, tune in, chop out… ask Zac...

Kevin "TEACH" Baas...
What goes through your head when someone cuts you off and you gotta slide that bike sideways and bounce off cars to avoid a fork bender?
Kevin, the "pin-ball smoke slide"… bunch of us were riding to Iowa, within the first 20 miles after meeting up with Teach we're cruising up in a tight pack up to this intersection. My buddy Hans solo decides to pull left right in my path. 2 choices, smoke him, or, try to slide it out 2 lanes over. I was already fully locked up on the brakes and starting a mean flat track slide when the decision was made. I didn't want to fuck up Hans and me so I went for it. I remember being in the flat track slide, already getting ready to make the get off. But by that time I had already slid a full lane over, this isn't gonna be that bad, I was still sliding and getting ready to run into the back of a car. I let off the brakes, the bike righted it's self and I did like a little tap off the bumper and found myself sitting on my bike, on the edge of the road, right beside the car dudes driver’s side window, he looked into my eyes, shocked, and I said, IT'S COOL MAN! Wow! I pulled the whole thing off and the first words outta my mouth were, its cool man! I was hella spooked for miles afterwards, and when I went to sleep that night, full on nightmares of locked up brakes sliding into semi's and every other thing on the road. Hans said to Chris afterwards, "man, I almost killed Zac!" Dave saw the whole thing. Dave, write a brief description of the events.

Why Heavy?
Cause it carries a lot of weight.
Why Sober?
After a 13 year heroin/methadone/pills addiction I was no longer winning in life. Sold my chopper, was homeless, girls were scared of me, wasn’t doing “art”, the cops had me under surveillance trying to build a case, ended up with no front teeth, hella paranoid and no longer enjoying the high. It was a matter of not being dope sick and not getting arrested on a daily. I heard rehab, Minnesota, airplane, detox, and somehow ended up here.
Why min pins?
Because you can make them little attack dogs with having to worry about killing anyone.
Where would you live if you had no obligations?
California dude!
Can you pick just one band?
Spirit Caravan
What band do you love that you are half ashamed of loving?
Eagles of Death Metal
Build your favorite bike for us in words.
Stroker Knuckle, VL Front and back, long and tall, suicide shift, chrome, Harpoon paint, a Baker 5 into 4 would rule.
What else do you dig besides music and bikes?
Books, movies, art, my girl, my dog.
What's the most important thing to you in this world (or others)?
Making cool shit to be remembered by. Feeling free without dope.

Dave Polgreen...
Hey, can I peruse your tats, man?
Nah man.

Ok death match, Wino vs. Liebling vs. Black Sabbath-era Ozzy? Play-by-play who wins?
Ozzy turns us on to all kinds of bad shit, skipping school to smoke weed, trip and do hand poke tattys. Then later we become addicted to heroin, coke and meth and Bobby tells us we’re not alone and there is hope, then finally Wino enters the scene and we’re really fucked up now, but the he disappears and comes back with Spirit Caravan and we then “power up” and get better. Overall musician, Wino wins.

Did you used to cop in bmore? (Baltimore)
Yep, here’s a tip for the junkie on the road. Find out where the methadone clinics are, there will be a McDonalds everyone goes to. Under the golden arches you can buy any drug on the market. However, the crack rock doesn’t start til around 2 am.

Motorcycle fumes or magical drugs? Whatever the source is, it must be good, the artwork is insane.
These days motorcycle fumes, continuous flashbacks, anti-psychotic meds and “Fuck the world” one day at a time!

Which is easier to remember, the best or worst night of your life? Describe what went down and how you are different from it.
Sometimes the worst night of my life seemed like the best, still trying to sort that out.

Ok Kyle...
If you could have one bike what would it be and why?
Fuck, some El Foresteros around here have like a chopper/FXR style hybrid thing going on. Have to look more into that.

Beer or liquor? 60's or 70's? Hate or love?
Wine 1969, love.
Heavy, FOTS, HOTW, Cut Rate, and Death Science join forces and rule the earth with chopper mayhem, reckless carnage, and lots of drunk and naked chicks?
Death Science Rules!

Why white glasses?
They are prescription, so I can’t really be switchin it up. But yeah, sometimes I feel like a D-bag when I see some kook wearin white glasses.
Why swing-arm?
I’ve had rigids, I live rigids. My shovel was stock when I first got it, saw T-bones shovel and some from Japan and decided to run the swing arm. Plus I like ride height, and stock handling. Next bike will be a rigid though.
What's the raddest memory you have in the last 5 years?
So many… whatever makes you laugh in the face of total disaster and fuctness. Most have to do with choppers and friends.
What's the gnarliest thing that's happened to you in the last 5 years?
One bike wreck almost ended me. Dude fully pulled out in front of me, I was doin 40 or so, locked on the brakes and slid full on into the back of this dudes car, as I was sliding I stood on the pegs and prepared to jump onto to car the second the bike was close enough to it. Well I launched, did like a tiger roll across the roof of the dude’s car and landed on my feet on the other side. Had Vans slip ons, they didn’t even fly off! The driver was freakin out! Thought I was dead, I kinda felt my body, looked for blood, got on my bike and bump started as I was wobbling down this hill and got the fuck outta there. Didn’t have time to deal with the police. Fuck it!
How much incredible chopper shit is at Dave's house?
One of every part homie, stored like treasure in bags and boxes.

Mike D...
Do you only follow the occult or do your interests go further? i.e. Nostradamus, the Mayans, Aliens. I was watching a special about the Mayan calendar and the end days in 2012 and the first thing I thought was "this is Heavy Shit".
All that shit man. Reptilian holograms on human faces, so they can be among us, they are among us and the world “as we know it” is coming to an end, but I feel fine.

Steve Wright...
If you were trapped in a whale’s mouth how would you get out?
I’d hang out and practice scrimshaw carving on the whales teeth.

The Fish...
Most tabs taken in one night?
10 blotter, 4 grams of synthetic mescaline, quarter of shrooms, unknown amounts of DMT. On separate nights of course, these are some nights that stand out.
Most tits felt in one night?
4, on the same chick.
Is this the same night?
Where did the trip end up?
On the edge of a roof top.

Do you have a day job?
Haha! I’m “terminally unemployable”.
Who is your favorite famous chick to think about during alone time?
I’m kinda a realist on that front. I like the dirty chicks.
What is your favorite part about your bike? Least favorite or first on the list to fix?
I love my bike, my friends put it together for me when I was down on my luck, so I can’t change it, outta respect, you know. A sissy bar would be nice, but yer not allowed to run one on a swing arm, cause that’s totally lame.
Who do you ride with the most?
Spirits of the road, ghost highway and shit.
Ever been in trouble with the Law?
No guns and you won’t be seein me vote over here. I was young, crazy and tryin to build a rep on the streets, lets just say I accomplished that. I’ve been in jail a lot, but no prison. Fortunately I avoided that, probably wouldn’t have come back from that trip.
Why did you decide to work with FOTS?
I dig the collective thing, I like almost all the other brands and after meeting Clarke, I think the right intentions are there. I feel Heavy is among good company on/at FOTS.
What’s something you’re working on with Heavy or would like to? Where do you see it going or are you just along for the ride?
Just tryin to build it up, Heavy will be around as long as I’m around. I’ve gotten a lot out of having a project like this, inside, ya know… warm and fuzzy feelings that have been alien to me for a long time. Plus I get so much out of peoples work in the chopper scene, I just wanted to put something out there for people to enjoy and contribute. But yea, expect to see things continue to grow.
What direction do you think the scene will go in next few years? As Zito said, anything cool gets bastardized pretty fast. What would you do if you saw Bret Michaels wearing a Heavy shirt on the next whore show and then started to see every doo rag numb nut coming your way?
People are gonna be riding these show bikes like homeless dudes with shopping carts, completely abandoning everything, eating road kill, some are already doing it, big miles man! On choppers man, not Yamaha hatch backs! I have partied with Bret back in the poison days, long story… Yeah, I would be bummed if that happened, but what’s selling out? An Escalade with rims, or sick choppers?
What is your personal version or idea of hell?
9-5, 40 hour work week, work, eat, rest for work, sleep… been there, some people can juggle it and make it work, me… no.
Any last words? Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, to Mega Therion! Translated… Do what you want, and go to hell!

Thanks Zac for being a part of and feeding the twisted FOTS family tree.
Taker easy man.


  1. Great fuckin' interview! I look forward to meeting you sometime Zac...

  2. pretty much the best dude ever!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks FOTS and Z.Doom, I don't get inspired too easy these days, but this here is some inspirational $h!†. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yeah Zac! Sorry I didn't come up with any questions.......the ones that I did come up with would have made people think that I'm more of a kook than I really am. Great interview.

  5. yeah Zack you came along way my brotha.. and haven't slowed down one bit.. Love ya man..