Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bills Old Bike Barn

Finally got out on the XR for fun on Sunday. Took a ride up to Bloomsburg PA to Bills Bike Barn.

This is Jay's Shovel he just got runnin. 88 inches of awesome. We did 80 straight up the turnpike no sweat. He had a smile the whole way

Flathead racer=Boner

Cool air cleaner on a British something.

These are 2500 Pan and Shovel jugs. There were 7500 of them but Bill recently sold 5000. None of these have ever even had the holes drilled in them for mounting. All unused NOS

We had a good time, 275 miles round trip. The $5 donation was worth it to get in. Check it out if you lookin for somewhere to go. I-80 to 11N


  1. the cool air cleaner looks to be a german bike with the carb maunted on the cylinders side like nsu sachs and other old german bikes did..

  2. I think it was a NSU. There is a lot of shit to look at there. Thanks for your input