Sunday, August 1, 2010

outlaw healthcare

Got to talk to Joey last night. He's doing better and is completely blown away by the support that everyone has shown and wants everyone to know how much it means to him. The best part for me was that he sounded just like the guy Ive shared beers with at the bar. The doctors can mend his flesh and bones and his spirit is not broken because of the people that wont let him stay down.

We are sending the total for the support tees over to them tonight so they can get to work on printing soon. Everyone that put in an order already or does so by today will be sure to get one. We will get extra but they may run out fast. It may take a week or two before they start to show up at your door so thanks for the understanding and the support like Ive never seen before. Said it before- friends rule

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  1. clarke, you are such a awesome artist. and very handsome too.