Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inner View Number Two


Zac Doom is the altered mind behind Heavy that can paint a picture on the chopper landscape and leave you with a mental contact high from the trip.

Leave your questions as a comment and he will shed some light. Turn on, tune in, chop out...


  1. What goes through your head when someone cuts you off and you gotta slide that bike sideways and bounce off cars to avoid a fork bender?

  2. Motorcycle fumes or magical drugs? Whatever the source is , it must be good, the artwork is insane.

  3. why Heavy?
    Why Sober?
    Why min pins?
    Where would you live if you had no obligations?
    Can you pick just one band?
    What band do you love that you are half ashamed of loving?
    What's an all time favorite bike?
    Build your favorite bike for us in words.
    What else do you dig besides music and bikes?
    What's the most important thing to you in this world (or others)?

  4. if you were trapped in a whales mouth how would you get out?

  5. ok death match, Wino vs. Liebling vs. Black Sabbath-era Ozzy?
    play-by-play who wins?

  6. which is easier to remember, the best or worst night of your life? describe what went down and how you are different from it.

  7. if you could have one bike what would it beand why

  8. Beer or liquor? 60's or 70's? Hate or love? Tits or ass? Life or death?

  9. Heavy, FOTS, HOTW, Cut Rate, and Death Science join forces and rule the earth with chopper mayhem, reckless carnage, and lots of drunk and naked chicks? Settle for ruling the Ride for Lightning?

  10. why white glasses?
    why swing-arm?
    what's the raddest memory you have in the last 5 years?
    what's the gnarliest thing that's happened to you in the last 5 years?
    how much incredible chopper shit is at Dave's house?
    best getting stranded story...

  11. Do you only follow the occult or do your intrests go further? i.e. Nostradomus, the Mayans, Aliens. I was watching a special about the Mayan calander and the end days in 2012 and the first thing I thought was "this is Heavy Shit"

  12. did you used to cop in bmore?

  13. Most tabs taken in one night?
    Most tits felt in one night?
    Is this the same night?
    Where did the trip end up?