Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ham Hock

Dave's amazing survivor Knuckle.

Knuckle Dan's Pan

DC Tom's fucking killer Blue Pan (yes, its black)

Boogie Rag Joe

Smilin' Frank on his lovely black pan

Frank's Pan

Tom on Blue Pan - 6 bends of complete comfort

Some goon on a Triumph

Tom, Joe, Tom, Dan, Joe, Joe.... we need more nicknames...

King Gypsy - Walter of Kickstart Cycles

Little Blue Waste of Time

DC Randy riding out of my beard

Randall part 2

Mike 47 of 47 Industries - yes, its a Honda 500 thumper

My brother, Fritz Zito, his chick kept bitching so he cut her up & put her in that box. Dont fuck with Fritz.

Knuckle Dan, on the Pan. I'm surprised he went slow long enough for me to shoot this pic. Dude will race anyone, anytime!

On my way home after a killer day riding & hanging with my favorite dudes.

Dig that fence flying by at around 60. Jersey has fast fences.

Night Moves.

So I went to a little private party that rhymes with Ham Hock yesterday. Dave is a nice enough dude to give me a day off to spend the day riding rather than wrenching when I need to. This is the 3rd year I've ridden my Triumph to an obviously american bike only party & I always feel welcome. I get to see most of my favorite dudes, ride, hang out & bullshit, pig out, ride some more. Just an all around amazing day. We got lucky this year & had the best riding weather ever. I was so stoked to see my friends who live far away & I only get to see once in a while on a run here & there throughout the year. Hell, stoked see my friends that even live nearby that I only get to see on a run here & there.

The ride back from the party to my house is a pretty long, hour plus ride that follows a real nice route nearly the whole way. I love riding at sunset/dusk, especially during the summer where twilight seems to last forever & the sky explodes with color. I managed to snap some semi-decent pics on my solo ride home & I hope you can look at those pics & hear that british twin humming along & feel that warm summer air on your face. Theres nothing in the world like that feeling.



  2. Joe - i hope the panhead coalition didnt offend you and your always welcome triumph. I was force by the panhead gods to evacuate all non panhead motor cycles! thanks for coming to PANSTOCK or Ham Hock as you call it!!! see ya soon man!