Thursday, August 19, 2010

a cog in the machine

No one sponsors and gets involved with more worthwhile events than Adrian Lopez and the lords of fun at Loser Machine.

They didn't have to be talked into working with Freak Out The Squares or being one of the biggest supporters for the Ride to Skate or when Joe Fish found himself in harms way. They were ready to send stuff out before we even asked them to help someone out. They are involved with practically every other worthy deal to come down the road and they make top notch stuff that will get you some fancy action with fast easy women. Support them back if you're into it for more than a label or feeding something that only cares about your wallet.

I'm proud to be a part of it by taking on the Middle East Coast territory as a rep for the brand. Chris Dr. Deathhead from Hated of the World is doing the same for New England. If you have or know of a shop and want to get behind the guys that support the scene like a steel beam and have shit that sells like free cake at fat camp, get in touch like a creepy uncle and we will make shit happen like exlax... but in a good way.  


  1. good for you brother they got the right man on the job

  2. Word favorite helmet has been the Loser Machine one I bought from you back in April...if they need a southeast rep, the Death Science crew can lock down VA, NC, SC, and FL.