Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ady Boy Earle

About a month ago HOTW Joe Fish had a bad night. So many people stepped up and did what they could and we were blown away by the amount of support. For every shirt purchased and every ten bucks donated everyone had a chance to win some stuff from the web store. After pulling all of the names together we narrowed it down to one. Congrats to Earle Ady who sent in a hefty amount with a little note that said "first bar tab therapy session is on me". Get in touch Earle and we will hook it up. Thanks to everyone else who only won a piece of our heart but that cant be sent because we need it to live.

Tim, Matt and the Death Science gang are doing the printing and will have them done in about a week and when we get them they will go out the next day. I really want to thank everyone for waiting and understanding. The good thing is that our DS brothers down south are doing them for cost so Joe gets to keep what a print shop would have made in profit. It was the best way to see that your hard earned dollars got to the man that needs it most. Joe told me he took a few steps without crutches or anyone's help recently and hopes to be limping around at the Brooklyn show. Will be real good to see him back to somewhat normal soon. There are still a few uncalled for shirts that can be purchased in the shop and any further donations or emails can be sent straight to him at


  1. Congrats Earle!

    Fucking stoked that Joe is already taking unassisted steps!

    We're working as hard as we can to get these shirts out quickly...everybody's patience has been greatly appreciated as we deal with moving into our new shop.

  2. word guy guys. glad to hear the intertubes can come together for a good cause!