Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Fuck man. Just woke up and heard that a friend had a real close call lastnight. Joe 'the fish' from Hated of the World had an accident but is getting patched up today and will hopefully be out real soon. Catch more details as they can get to posting an update at the HOTW spot.

You've probably seen his bike somewhere, and if you're lucky enough to have gotten to hang out with him at all you already know hes a good fuckin guy and doesnt deserve shit like this, unlike way too many other people that could use a good smack from a minivan.

We are trying to help the guy out and raise some scratch for the over priced rebuild kit for a couple of his limbs. $10 from every HOTW Support tee will go straight to Joe to help with whatever he needs. And everyone that buys one will be entered to win $100 worth of goods from the FOTS shop. He is in surgery as I type this and has no idea. He may feel weird about getting this kind of attention but tough shit. I want to creep him out everytime he sees someone wearing one of these tees for years and know his back is covered. If you can, please show your support. Thanks

Get well bro. See you on the road real soon...


I am fucking blown away. 8 tees in about an hour and even a guy that didn't have enough for a tee but sent in $10 that he had left. It fuckin flat out rules that people care so much and do what they can still when someone goes down.

If you already have one of these tees, have something against such a ruggid handsome style, dont wear clothes because youre a nudist, whatever your deal is... that's cool. If you still want to help by sending a donation you will still be entered to get the $100 worth of stuff for every $10 sent. You can paypal your love to fotsclarke@gmail.com

Every penny goes straight in Joe's slim fittin jean pockets.

We only had 16 tees before this happened and they are already half gone and going fast. I am going to add more sizes and quantities to the shop than we actually have so everyone that wants one will be able to place an order. But the down side is that you may have to wait a little bit before Chris can get them printed and we get them shipped. It may be a delay but will not be forgotten. Thanks so much for your understanding and support.

Got a text back from his girl this morning while he was still under the knife that told me to thank everyone as well.


Fucking a man. Feel so bad for Joey but stoked he's gonna pull through & his beautiful bike survived as well. If anyone wants to kick down some extra bucks for the support shirt, Clarke will surely forward it onto Joey to help out.

I would like to head up the non-cash donation deal. When I wrecked - I was so blown away by the monetary donations which helped pay my medical bills & get my bike back together but when people sent me other stuff too like magazines, old biker movies, stickers, coloring books - shit like that to keep me happy while I was laid up, that was super cool as well.

So, if anyone has some old biker mags, movies, etc. to keep joey happy/busy while he is laid up, please send them to me & I will get a big care package together to send up to him. Thanks to everyone for the support! I know Joey will appreciate it for sure.

send non-money fun bike related stuff to
Joey the Fish
c/o Joey the Zito (or just Joe Zito)
608 Sherwood Ave
Gloucester City, NJ 08030



Talked to 'Dr. Deathhead' Chris today. Joey may be able to get out tomorrow if all goes well. He is expected to have a full recovery after a lot of hard work, time and expenses. Chris also said he doesn't have health care and only had liability for the bike. The good people that helped out on our site alone kicked up about $500 today. Its fucking rad to see the overwhelming good vibes going his way. I hope it makes him feel better for at least a minute and Im sure he would thank each and everyone of you.

Any company donations would be very welcomed and plugged up like a free hookers mouth.


  1. that's what im fucking talking about. took almost no time at all and the first one is already on its way out the door. thanks keith, you rule

  2. fuckin bummer man....hopeing for a speedy recovery and months of good pain killers for the dude.

  3. I just bought one from your HOTW site.. anything to help..

  4. Shitty buzz. I'll be ordering a shirt payday, I already planned on getting that shirt anyways, now its official.

  5. When I met chris from Hated he gave me one of those shirts and a stack of stickers.. I'll send over $30 and you don't have to send me anything.. get well soon Joe

  6. Sending some stuff..Get Well

  7. That fuckin' sucks! I've been laid up before
    and it drives you insane. He'll be back at it before you know it. Get well.

  8. when i get back next week im sending a care package as well.

  9. do you have paypal ? so i would donate ; roaddevil from europe.

  10. You can paypal any donations to fotsclarke@gmail.com
    thanks so much for your rock solid support to a good guy

  11. maye you'd want to show a picture of him where he is actually holding on to the handlebars.

  12. Maybe now is not the time for your stupid wise ass fuckin remarks? Try proof reading too before you post an uncalled for comment asshole

  13. Shirt bought. Got some stuff for Joe coming your way. Besides shirts, does HOTW make any panties? Mr. Anonymous' punk ass would probably love 'em.

  14. i just grabbed a shirt and told all my homies to do the same. does anyone know if Joe is into classic aviation stuff? Im in the Air Force and i could probably get my hands on some cool shit for him if hes into that kind of shit

  15. If this site is too dangerous for anyone than go ahead and get your fix elsewhere. There is a content warning at the front door. Sure you didn't mean to stir shit up, but not too much else is that important right now besides helping to get a friend back on his feet. Care to discuss it any further, I don't hide, my email, number and address is on the shop site. Thanks to each and everyone for all the support. We raised about a thousand bucks so far in 2 days and still have more cooked up to help the man. That fuckin rules

  16. Don't know how much he's into art but I'll try my best to get some stuff painted and sent out this week and hopefully be able to buy a shirt too

  17. t-shirt and a couple stickers ordered. godspeed, joe.

  18. Best wishes.. donation sent.. hope you're saddled back up ASAP!

  19. I hope your buddy is doing better. Did you guys mail out shits yet?

  20. not shits SHIRTS! That is fucking funny!